As a heated encounter came to a disappointing end for the hosts, a 2-1 loss against visitors Atletico de Kolkata, rumors of a Half Time violent conduct surfaced. With Greogry Arnolin and Fikru’s scuffle stealing the spotlight, Bengelloun’s interview minutes after was just as controversial, as the Fikru’s header on Arnolin. Although allegations which were made by Robert Pires, were far more serious than these two incidents.

The Magical Robert Pires, was allegedly punched by Atletico de Kolkata coach Antonio Lopez Habas, as per the Frenchman. Pires, who is Goa’s marquee player, suggested that he was attacked at half time.

“The other thing that happened which is more serious is that one of our players said that he was beaten by the coach of the other team. Pires said he was punched in the face by the Atletico coach and it is very shameful. I am telling you what my players told me and I didn’t see that myself but I don’t think that Pires will lie and say something that didn’t happen.” commented Goa’s coach Zico, on the situation at hand.

Utsav Parek, co-owner of Atletico de Kolkata, however relied on footage, to prove his coach, innocent, he said “None of us was present on the spot when the alleged incident took place. We are writing to the ISL about it and we expect them to investigate the matter and come out with the truth. CCTV footage is available and so it will not be very difficult to establish the truth. Whatever the incident, one can find that out from the CCTV footage.”

Both Teams have already, lodged correspondence to the managing body, as the matter is set to be referred to the regulatory commissioner.