Pre-Season Tours are integral for any team going into a league, regardless of the league duration. Team Chemistry, links, bonds and understanding are tested and built over the course of these tours. These tours also lead coaches and managers to experiment new formations, tactics and perhaps new game plans. All in all, Pre season friendlies serve as a breeding ground for co-ordination, right balance in the squad and provide options to test tactical flexibility of the squad.

The trend of conducting Pre-Season Friendlies came into initiation after ties with Foreign Clubs led to uncharted foreign lands. Atletico de Madrid hosted Atletico de Kolkata, FC Pune City had a tour of Florence, the list continues. While clubs with foreign ties, have harnessed their links to the fullest, other franchisees are left nagging in the Indian Sub-continent. Delhi Dynamos, even after links with Feyenoord have a pre season in Delhi itself.  However North East United, the John Abraham co-owned franchisee, has perhaps found a different way of making the Indian Subcontinent, count.

The Franchisee from North East of India, which also serve as a common ground to unite eight states from there, has perhaps accommodated the best Pre-season tour, in India itself.

The Hard Tackle understands that NorthEast United are scheduled for a pre-season trip to Goa, wherein they would play against I-League club Salgaocar. Salgaocar finished third in the I League season of 2013-14, eight points behind winners Bengaluru FC.  Although the amount of fixtures are still unsure, The Hard Tackle believes that there would be three-to-four matches played against TUFF Boys, Vasco and SESA from Goa. The Hard Tackle also reckons, that the franchisee would be setting up camp in Nagao Ground.

While franchisees such as Delhi Dynamos are stuck combating teams from lower I league divisions, NorthEast United have perhaps stuck Gold, in arranging these friendlies.