Kerala Blasters dished out a goal less draw against Mumbai City FC in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium filled with over 40,000 supporters. Kerala Blasters started the game with a bang but could not capitalize on their created goal chances.

“To be honest, I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t win the game. But everybody is satisfied with the performance, however, we are disappointed because these are two games where we felt that we created enough opportunities to win and be four points better off than we are now,” Morgan explained at the post match press conference.

Morgan also understood that Mumbai City had come looking for a result and their plan was to defend deep and hit on counters.

“They defended very deep, got men behind the ball, and when you have someone like Nicolas Anelka in the front, you more than likely are to be hit on the counter-attack,” Morgan observed. “We had to try and break them down, and in the first half we played really well and in the second half we got a bit anxious. The longer the game went on, the more anxious we got and that is difficult, because when you get anxious you tend to do the wrong things.”

Kerala Blasters again displayed signs of complacency infront of goal as their attackers rued goal scoring opportunities.

““There is no secret recipe to make this work besides keep working, keep creating opportunities, create that bit of luck and hopefully score,” he said.”

Kerala Blasters with this result sit sixth and would be looking to amass points in their next encounter against Delhi.