Kerala Blaster take on FC Goa, in bottom of the table clash. Kerala Blasters would finally ply their trade infront of their home support in Kochi. David James, Kerala’s player and manager was more than happy to play infront of their home fans.

“After the six weeks that we have been away, we are relieved to be coming back home, and it is good to know that we don’t have to pack our bags every two days to run off to a new place. The support around Kochi has been very good, the fans are amazing and this has been an extension to the growing supporter group that we have noticed in the away games,” he said

Although Kerala Blasters are experiencing injury worries, James does not think that it would stop his team from performing.

“We have 29 players in the squad, so I don’t even look at injuries. I think, in Mumbai, we had seven players that could have started but they didn’t due to injuries. But again, it is all about the entire squad. We have a side that will be challenging for this title, and the Pune game proved that. After going 1-0 down to a strong side, we still won.”

“We want to win every game, but we also know that to win the league you need to pick up points, which we have done in the away leg and now we have the home games and hopefully that will help get us to the knock outs.” he added.

“Every goal that we have conceded has come from restarts; like for the Pune game where the goal came from a quick free kick. And because of our pre-season, I am confident that we can score more goals. It’s just that we need to get into our rhythm and start scoring, so as much as I want clean sheets, I also want us to score more goals.” said James, expressing his worries.

“It feels good to be back here! James McAllister said that our preseason is now over, and we can start our season now because we have been on the road for so long. There is a genuine buzz around the team and it feels good to be walking into the stadium and training ground wearing our logos and seeing our logos everywhere instead of the other teams’. Things are good and I look forward to tomorrow.” James concluded.