An unbeaten Delhi Dynamos, take on a FC Goa side running low on form and morale.However Delhi Dynamo’s coach Harm van Veldhoven thinks, that the Goan Franchisee has been quiet impressive so far.

 “I’ve seen some good games from the Goa team. They don’t deserve their position in the league table. They’ve been unlucky and should have had more points. I have great respect for what Goa have shown so far.” he said

The coach also pointed the difference between the two cities, in terms of footballing culture, he said “Delhi is learning a new attitude for football unlike in Goa. Everything over here is different from Delhi. We’re trying to prepare well and we’ll see what we can bring.” while talking to the ISL Media Team

Alessandro del Piero’s fitness was once again questioned, but the Dutchman, came quick to the Italian’s defense, he defended Alex saying  “I have to take care of everybody and we have to see how to get the best result. Let’s not talk only about one player. All my players are marquee players,”

Meanwhile Marten Skoubo who was all present, pointed out to the high competition within the team, he concluded “We have been lucky that the opposition hasn’t scored against us in those two goalless draws. We met eight weeks ago. So for everyone to find their position in the team took time. Hopefully we can see more and more players as this tournament progresses.”

Picture Courtesy: ISL Media Team