Delhi Dynamos succumbed to their second defeat in two games, as a Nicolas Anelka goal proved once again to be the deficit between the hosts and the visitors.

 “I really think we were the better football team today, especially in the first half.The big chances were not always there, but we had control of the game.” said Delhi’s coach Harm van Veldhoven

 “I think we deserved the draw,I am very satisfied about the working side of my team. Everybody worked very hard, and tried to play the best football all the time.” he added.

“We tried everything to force the equalizer. I think Alessandro had the best chance to make it 1-1,” rued Van Veldhoven.

Although much of the controversy was built around Veldhoven’s plan to utilize del Piero as a substitute, and not starting with the Italian legend.

“There is always pressure (to play your star player), but, as a coach, you have to see what you think is best and to give every player the minutes he deserves. I would like to play 26 players, but I can only start with 11.” explained van Veldhoven

“In that game against Chennai, we scored in the first minute, and after 20 minutes, it was 2-0. In other games, we are struggling to score, so even though we think we are strong in the game, when we miss the first few chances it seems like the game is slipping through our fingers.”

 “When we play like today, we will take our points. I don’t say that we can win every game, but we will get better.” he concluded.