Bangalore Football Stadium, Bangalore
20th August 2014, 15.30 IST


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 FULL TIME : India  0  –  2  Pakistan

90′ + 1 : Into extra time now , can India get a consolation goal here. Its not been a good day for India 

89′ : Successive corners for India. Clsoing stages now not long left . Scramble in the Pakistan block but is cleared

 India  0  –  2  Pakistan

87′ : GOOOAL ! Hussain scores for Pakistan on the counter !

85′ : Pakistan playing very much on the counter here as India move forward to find the elusive equaliser here. 

83′ : India playing in a 4-3-3 formation as Pakistan look to defend religiously.

81′ : Free kick from distance and Sandesh heads but is off target

79′ : Tempers flying a bit here as Doungel is now brought down with a hared tackle.

77′ : SAVE ! What a let off for India as Hussain with only AMrinder to beat could not find the net . Kudos to Amrinder to for getting a deflection

75′ : Doungel loops it up for defender Joyner who is on a overlap finds himself inside the Pakistani box  but is unable to shoot on target.

73′ : PAK SUB  IN – Md Zheeshan OUT – Mehmood Khan

71′ : Sunil and Haokip trying their best to give the local crowd something to cheer but neither finds the way to goal. Doungel and Hangal have been pretty active in the midfield though.

69′ : IND SUB , OUT – Desai

67′ : GOOD BUILD UP – India finally get their act going with a string of passes right from Amrinder to Joyner to Pritam now changing ends to Narayn Das now Milan and thats really good flowing football.

65′ : India enjoying a lot of possession here but are unable to make any potent attack upfront. 

63′ : A dreadful pass by Pritam Kotal gifts Pakistan the ball but the striker is well blocked and shielded by Sandesh

61′ : India is playing good football in bits and pieces but nothing which can be called as a good build up play. The game is too Chhetri centric !

59′ : Doungel to Chetrri back to Doungel who is on a run now into the box attempts a low shot but is agonisingly wide of the post and hits the side netting.

57′ : Pakistan have a defender and goal keeper down on the ground in two separate collisions

55′ : India force a couple of attacks on goal in quick succession with a free kick and a corner following.

53′ : PAK SUB IN – Md Riaz OUT – Sher Ali

51′ : Good short passing by Team India but the final third ball is missing .

49′ : Sandesh Jhingan with a good sprint shields the ball away from Kaleem Ulah

47′ : Good blocking and interceptions by Narayn Das. Now Siam in action straight away finds Haokip who places it on the wing for Desai who crosses one in but is collected by the keeper

45′ : IND SUB – IN Siam Hangal OUT Ralte

HALF TIME : India  0  –  1  Pakistan

45′ + 1′ : Into extra time now and India look desperate to get the ball moving upfront.  

44′ : Pritam Kotal on the right wing and Francisco Fernandes in defensive midfield have not been in much action as the SUnil-Haokip pair upront is supported only on the left wing by Desai and Ralte and Milan SIngh from midfield. 

42′ : The game has come to life after the goal as India are showing urgency in their game now but its not quite working for the blues

40′ : Desai on the left wing earns a corner for India . Can India equalise here in the first half itself ? 

India  0  –  1  Pakistan

38′ : GOOOAL ! – Pakistan break the deadlock and draw first blood in this two game series.

36′ : YELLOW CARD – Ralte earns a card for bringing down Kaleem in front of the Indian D. Free kIck for Pakistan from a critical position.

34′ : ONE ON ONE – Ralte to Haokip who gives it two SUnil who gives a through ball back to Haokip is now on a free run int o the box with only the keeper to beat , tries to place the ball past the keeper but is blocked 

32′ : Kaleem Ulah brought down by Sandesh on the right wing near the box. Now a free kick for Pakistan but is wasted. 

30′ : Aimless football by Pakistan and India lacking any creativity in midfield , means this game has slowed down considerably

28′ : Naryan Das and Sandesh Jhingan are executing their defensive duties pretty well today

26′ : PAK SUB – IN Sher Baloch OUT Bilal

24′ : Haokip gets past 2 defenders shoots from distance but is far and wide. Good intentions but bad implementation !

22′ : PREDICTABLE PLAY – Neither team is able to get 3-4 passes together as both players intercept and cancel each other in midfield. 

20′ : Both sides are on equal terms till now with couple of shots on target with Sunil’s strike from distance the notable one.

18′ : Sandesh Jhingan from the right to Haokip who heads it on target but the goalkeeper fists it away.

16′ : Sunil pulls back to midfield , collects the ball and eyes Desai running from the left wing but the cross is a bit far for the Indian winger. Meanwhile at the other end , now Kaleem Ulah on the right flank gets a shot cum cross towards goal as Amrinder tries to reach out for it.

14′ : Bilawal on the right wing cuts it back for Kaleem Ulah who is unmarked inside the box but takes a wild shot off target. Missed opportunity this by Pakistan to go ahead

12′ : GREAT SHOT ! Haokip sets it up for SUnil outside the box as Sunil positioned himself well by dribbling past the Pakistan defence and took a powerful shot placed in the right corner was acrobatically saved by Muzamil Hussain

10′ : Faisal Iqbal is down and out with an injury

8′ : Pakistan in a 4-2-3-1 formation as against India’s 4-4-1-1 with Haokip replacing Robin for this match

6′ : Pakistan on a counter attack with Hussain into the box but Ongnam Milan Singh races back to help in defence and forces a corner 

4′ : The early exchanges are pretty end to end pretty similar to the gane on the 17th

2′ : Early free kick from Kaleem Ulah does not test seriously test Amrinder Singh

0′ : Here we go ! Game 2 . Pakistan begin from left to right in all whites whereas India are in all blue outfit. 

Team News

India : 2 Pritam Kotal 4 Sandesh Jhingan 5 Narayan Das 7 Ongnam Milan Singh 10 Francisco Fernandes 11 SUnil Chhetri 16 Amrinder SIngh 19 Haokip 20 Ralte 29 Joyner 30 Desai

Pakistan : 3 Md Ahmed 4 Md Bilal 7 Bilawal Rehman 8 Md Khan 10 Kaleem Ulah 11 Sher ALi 13 Ahsanullah 17 Hussain 22 M Hussain 23 Faisal Iqbal 27 Mansoor Khan