Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has once again made known his desire to help the club in any way he can once he retires from football.

He was particular about helping the club win the Champions League, having failed as a player to do so, even though he went on to win the trophy with Barcelona. Arsenal fans look back with a sense of what might have been on that day in Paris 2006 when Henry couldn’t put through any of the chances that came along his way, after his team had gone down to 10 men.

“Nothing is clear,” Henry said when he was asked about his retirement plans.

“I have made no decision and speculating isn’t my thing. One thing is clear: I will stay in football, either to manage, be a consultant or an executive.

“A second thing is clear: I would like to see Arsenal win the Champions League. After, whether now or in the future, it’s not my decision, but I would like to help.

“Because they are my club and because I didn’t manage to give they them Champions League as a player.”

Arsene Wenger welcomed the prospect of having Thierry Henry at Arsenal.

He said, “It’s not impossible – I welcome people who have played for us to come back, but they need to do something,” Wenger said. “It has to be a job available and one that you get up in the morning and you have to do something – not an honorary job.

However, he had a word of caution for the Frenchman.

“He has to learn his job first. I have seen so many people who have the qualities to be a manager but not survive their first job because they are not ready. When you are a football player, you think it’s so simple to be a manager. When you are a manager, you think it’s so complicated suddenly and, if you’re not prepared for that, you cannot survive.

“You learn to handle a dressing room and people. This job is about ideas and putting them into practice. You can only do that if you have the responsibility of the team.”

Whether it will happen anytime soon will be something Arsenal fans will be waiting to see.