Brendan Rodgers has said that Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard will be given a new contract extension.

The Liverpool and England captain currently has a year left on his contract but the Reds’ manager, Brendan Rodgers, has said that the club would be offering the 33 year old a new contract to make sure he remains at Anfield.

Gerrard has changed his role to one of a ‘deep lying playmaker’ and has grown accustomed to it and done well since a shaky start. The midfielder was part of the recently elected PFA Team of the Year along with teammates Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. Rodgers recently even described him as the best controlling midfielder in Europe.

“Steven will be one we look to get a contract to in the summer,” Rodgers told the ECHO.

“With a year to go, it’s something we will address. I believe Steven will play beyond 2015. He is a player who has really shown his qualities this season.

“Come the summer, he will still only be 34. Looking towards the future, I still think he’s going to be a key part of our squad. He has dropped into a new position and played it seamlessly. His intelligence in the game is second to none. He is improving all the time. It’s one where he has been brilliant for me as a captain and as a player this season and I would like that to continue.

“Most clubs, especially bigger clubs, recognise now that once a player gets over a certain age you have to look at a contract’s duration. But for me Steven still has so much to offer and I really want him beside me here working on the field.”

Gerrard’s Unfortunate Slip Against Chelsea

Gerrard, whose slip right before half time, enabled Demba Ba to capitalize on it and score an easy goal against Liverpool last week, was the main story this week and has brought a lot of negativity to the Liverpool captain. Rodgers said that the Liverpool captain has everyone’s empathy but also insisted that the player was strong enough to get over it and didn’t need anyone to lift him.

“Everyone had empathy for Steven,” Rodgers said.

“The mistake obviously changed the course of the game and he was just unfortunate.

“Steven was hurting like we all were. Steven’s quest is not for himself, it’s more about the team and doing it for the supporters.

“This is a player who has picked himself up after disappointments many times over his career here at Liverpool and he will do it again. He has carried this club throughout his career.

“He’s a real good man and I have just reinforced to Steven this week what an influential player he is for our team.

“There is no blame attached to him because he has been instrumental in where we are to this day and he will continue to be in the coming years.

“Steven has been brilliant on the training field this week. He has narrowed his focus like the team has and now we’re looking to playing Crystal Palace.”