Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard has warned his teammates that the summer might be long and frustrating, if England crash out early from the World Cup

After Costa Rica won from Uruguay, Group D has become even more complicated. If England lose against Uruguay, only a highly unlikely combination of circumstances will allow them to go into the knockout stages, while a draw would leave them relying on other results. For Uruguay too, its the same case. Simply put, both the nations need to win the game to have a realistic shot at progressing further.

England captain Steven Gerrard acknowledged it and asked his teammates to understand how crucial the match against La Celeste is.

“It was important for them to realise what is at stake and how important this game is,” Gerrard said.
“We have got a must-win scenario. It wasn’t a message to scare any of the lads but a wake-up call to everyone in the room – the staff and the players. It could be a terrible long, frustrating summer if we don’t get it right on Thursday. There is no hiding place for a player when you go out of a tournament.
“It can be tough as a player and it can take an awful long time to get over it. I have been there. I know what that feeling is about and that is the feeling that I don’t want come Friday morning. We need everyone focused and right on it on Thursday, otherwise it will be a terrible, long summer.”
Gerrard took the attacking mentality shown by his side against Italy as a huge positive and he expects the same against Uruguay in the crunch tie.
“I know what is going to happen going forward. That is a gimme with the attacking talent we have got in this group. We have belief and confidence from our attacking play against Italy, and I believe will cause our next two opponents endless problems.”
“But for me the key in this game is how we defend because Uruguay’s strengths are in their front players: (Edinson) Cavani, (Luis)
Suarez, (Diego) Forlan, and (Gaston) Ramirez. They are the key players who can hurt this England team. It is no good us being really good going forward on the break if we can’t defend properly.”
Luis Suarez is Gerrard’s teammate at Liverpool and the two obviously share an amicable bond. But Gerrard insisted that he will not be friends with the Uruguayan on the pitch.

“If I walk past him in the tunnel I will say hello and shake his hand but at that moment I am not really looking for friends or team-mates.

“He knows that once that whistle blows there is no friendship at all between me and Luis Suarez for 90 minutes.”