When Yaya Sanogo was named in the team sheet for the game against Borussia Dortmund, you could hear a collective groan among all the Arsenal fans around the world. However, Manchester United legend Gary Neville thinks he should be given time and he’ll prove to be a top talent.

True, Sanogo had not scored a single goal for Arsenal since he was signed, having played 18 times for the club, but he dispelled all worries by scoring the first goal inside 2 minutes. However, he did contrive to waste a one on one opportunity a few minutes later.

But Gary Neville thinks he should be given time as he seems to have all the ingredients of becoming a very good striker.

“He’s a young player and I think he [Wenger] believes in young talent,” he told Sky Sports. “If you remember a few years ago people said that Aaron Ramsey was a waste of time at Arsenal and look what happened to him in the following seasons.

“Danny Welbeck needed a rest, there’s no doubt about that, and I thought at times this boy [Sanogo] was a different proposition to Giroud.

He’s certainly more raw, but he gives them something they lack when Giroud plays. Giroud gives them a bit more control, but he’s certainly a real handful.

“He’ll get better, he’ll mature. He’s the type of player whose got the natural attributes – the speed, the strength, the physique. I’m not comparing him to Thierry Henry, but he’s a very raw 21-year-old; you’ve got to allow people to develop.

“Even Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United was very raw. You’ve got to allow them time to breath and grow.

“That’s what Sanogo needs. He just needs time to develop and he’ll become a good player.”

While nobody is expecting him to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Thierry Henry, one does feel that he does have it in him to be a good striker. He has good control and upper body strength as well, but what he lacks is the goal scoring instinct and the finishing ability. It will do him a world of good if he can get some game time, but instead of Arsenal being the playground for gaining experience, it would be a lot better for everyone if Sanogo was sent out on loan to another club. The fans would certainly heave a sigh of relief for sure!