Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Nacer Chadli was a target of Galatasaray before he opted for a move to White Hart Lane last summer. The Belgian is yet to cement his place in Spurs starting line-up. Even though he is hopeful of securing his spot, his agent has revealed that Galatasaray has renewed their interest in the Belgium winger.

Nacer Chadli arrived at Tottenham, even before the sale of Gareth Bale and the fans expected the Belgian to chip in with goals which were lacking last season. He was a regular scorer at FC Twente, and his brilliance in Eredivise had drawn a lot of attention when Spurs brought him on board. Nacer Chadli was expected to play as left sided forward as Spurs were completing the blueprint for a 4-3-3 formation. He was versatile enough to play in all the attacking midfield positions in 4-2-3-1 formation and that was seen as an added advantage by then manager Andre Villas Boas.

Spurs fans expected Nacer Chadli to occupy the wings and to increase the goal scoring threat in the penalty box. English Premier League, as expected provided a tough platform for the Belgian and he is yet to fire on all cylinder in the British Soil. After the conclusion of his first season in North London, the Belgian is still on the fringes of Tottenham Hotspur team. Nacer Chadli has played as a left winger, center attacking midfielder, right winger and even as a center midfielder on occasions, but he couldn’t cement his spot in any of them.

Nacer Chadli played 29 games in Premier League and in Europe, but could only register 4 goals. His best performance was in the Europa League against Benfica, where he scored twice. At the same time, Chadli’s Premier League performances left a lot to be decided. With two managers getting sack over poor performance, it is expected that the axe will soon fall on some of the players as well.

Nacer Chadli is still hopeful of cementing his place at White Hart Lane after booking his spot in Belgium’s World Cup squad.

“At one time we were ten players for three positions , but I never panicked. We have all played together over sixty games. I think I’ve played it a little more than half. That’s not bad for my first season , but I think they only get to see next season the real [Nacer] Chadli at the Spurs.”

At the same time Nacer Chadli’s player agent, Daniel Evrard is looking for options.

“Galatasaray has long been interested in Nacer [Chadli]. Last year when he was at FC Twente , I have already spoken with Galatasaray in Paris about a transfer. Galatasaray have expressed they still find him an interesting player, but at the moment there is nothing concrete.

Why would he leave? Nacer is in the prime of his life and is in the best league in Europe . The goal for the summer is to stay at Tottenham.”

Even though the Nacer Chadli and his agent has expressed their interest in staying at Tottenham for the summer, they are making themselves available with this comments. Is it an indication that Nacer Chadli has set himself a time frame before exploring his options?