After Every four years, every person on the globe is glued to their TV sets to enjoy the world’ s biggest extravaganza, The FIFA World Cup. Indians are no different is this aspect, in fact world football gets a significant share of revenue from the Indian audiences. Every year, every single Indian gets patriotic, maybe for a second and raises questions about Indian Football team. Why can the Indian Football team not qualify for the world cup? Why have Indian Sports authorities failed to find 11 quality players from among the population of billion? Here is a four year journey of an Indian Football  fan.

Year One – I Have A Dream

Wolrd Cup Fever

Wolrd Cup Fever

As the FIFA world cup fever gets higher, there are thousands of questions that crop up from the Indian fans and national media about the state of football in India. The fans in India stay glued to their television sets to watch each and every game live. As Soon as the referee blows the final whistle there is euphoria around the globe and even in the our country. Every single National media channel goes in the public and asks their opinion about the world cup. Every single and minute movement during the game gets discussed in detail. But the final question always is Why can’t India qualify for the World Cup?

The answers to these questions are hundreds but one thing common among the people is the dream to see India in the world cup after 4 years. Sports Authorities, celebrities, Media channel suddenly starts talking about the DREAM of billion people of our country to see Blue Tigers in the world cup.

Year Two – That’s Looks Promising

Who Will Be The Next Bhutia

Who Will Be The Next Bhutia

Once the world cup qualification starts to come close, there promises are made to support Indian team. The Authorities of the sports and government start promising about the better structure of the Indian football. The overseas clubs start coming in India with their camps and promise to produce a quality player from India.

A young kid promises himself to play for India and gets enrolled in the local club. The people start to take little interest in local leagues and local football. They start to Google about the next Bhutia or IM Vijayan. Every Single stakeholder involved in football promises people for a better future of the Indian Football.

Year Three – Is There any Hope?

 Well, this is the most interesting year just after India gets knocked out of the qualifying rounds and the fans gradually lose their hope in seeing Indian in the world cup. Slowly by slowly they start to lose the hope in the sports. The authorities at helm of the sports start to get disappeared from the public. The national media channel stops to talk about the state of the local football. Football again goes back in the store room of the young kid and he picks up a cricket bat to smash a ball out of the park.

Year Four – We Are The Nobody

This is the most fun part, when the same people who were asking why the Indian national football team is not in world cup start to ask who is Indian team captain. Many Indians even label India as NOBODY in world football. We start hearing that “Indians cannot play football”, “there is no future of football in India “Indian Football will never reach world cup” “why should we support Indian Football?”

Once these complains start to dry up next world cup is on the door and cycle of Dreams, Hopes, Promises and Being Nobody continues. This journey is most fascinating, but a disturbance for a hardcore Indian football fan and kid who wants to take up football as professionally. It will take a lot of time to shrug off the tag of nobody but can we change the way people think and will Indian national media start to give importance to Indian football not just during the world cup but for the eternity.  So far they have not done it and we just could hope things change after the world cup 2014 and we have a comma to the cycle, if not the full stop.