FIFA president Sepp Blatter has proposed the option to challenge the decision of match officials by the managers.

Speaking in FIFA’s congress yesterday Sepp Blatter has proposed a change in law that might have monumental effect on the way the game is played. According to the FIFA president’s new proposal, team managers will be provided with two challenges per game, where they can question decisions made the officials and get it reviewed.

“I think it’s good to put the game and the control of the game in question.

“I spoke with former footballers and coaches and I think it is an idea and we have the possibility now with the new organisation of IFAB (International Football Association Board) where we will have a technical panel and a football panel and it will be a good discussion.

“When you are looking at so many matches on the TV, and we have 34 cameras here and it is so evident what has happened I think it is a good idea.

“If it is feasible we will see but when I have an idea I generally try to bring it.” – Sepp Blatter said.

Strangely this proposal comes after Sepp Blatter had personally disputed the idea of allowing technology into the game, a reason why the goal-line technology was implemented after such a delay. Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher has questioned this new proposal and stressed on how it will undermine the officials’ role in the game.

“It’s such a contradiction in view of what he has stood for, for so long it’s unbelievable.

“He was so resistant to goal-line technology, because he said it was a one size fits all approach because you can’t have professional teams playing one way and other teams playing another.

“Everything was resisted including challenges to red cards and suddenly out of nowhere comes this idea which I don’t think many referees will be too keen on to be honest.

“Why he has come out with this I really don’t know because he’s also stood firm on not allowing people to challenge referees, not allowing the referee to be undermined on the pitch.

“Refereeing-wise it’s not an idea I would be happy with if I was still active. I can’t see senior referees in the Premier League wanting that. I can’t see the point in it, I can’t see what it will achieve, I can’t see it being for the betterment of the game.

“It’s something I’ve heard many times from different people at different times but for me it’s just a bizarre idea because it can be used as a tactic by managers to slow the game down, a chance for him to regroup his players and such like.

“I just think it will open a can of worms.” – He said.

Meanwhile, members of FIFA have voted against the proposal to introduce term mandate and age limits for elected officials. Sepp Blatter will now be free to seek an extension to his term at the helm when candidates for the election are announced. This comes after calls for Blatter to step down from his post following allegations of corruption.

“I’m ready to accompany you in the future.

“The candidature period is not yet open so no one can be a candidate. I know that my mandate will finish next year on June 29 in Zurich – but my mission is not finished.

“And I tell you together we will build the new FIFA together. We have the foundations today. Congress will decide who will take this great institution forward.

“It’s a tough decision but I can tell you I am ready to accompany you for the game, for the world – but it is your decision.” – Blatter later said.