The Fifa President Sepp Blatter has criticized the Uruguay and Liverpool striker Luis Suarez for his on field behavior by saying that Chiellini incident was not a “fair play”.

However, despite criticizing Luis Suarez, FIFA president Sepp Blatter refused to comment on the severity of the punishment handed to the player for biting an opponent during his countries World Cup game against Italy.

Luis Suarez was suspended from all football activity for four months and banned from nine international games after he bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during the group D clash. Fifa also handed out £66,000 fine to the Uruguay international.

Many players, including Giorgio Chiellini himself, have come forward against this severe punishment of Fifa but President Blatter refused to be drawn on their decision. However, Blatter did say that it was right that Suarez was punished for his wrong behavior.

“I am fighting for fair play on the field of play and fair play off the field of play,” the Fifa president told journalists.

“But especially on the field of play and this is not fair what he has done. It’s definitely not fair.

“Now to discuss the decision that has been taken by a panel of seven judges. It’s not up to me to make a comment on that.

“Obviously they have taken into consideration the other incidents of this player who has already been banned in football or suspended in football for the same activity.

“I cannot say whether it is too much or too little. This is an independent decision from Fifa.”

Whopping 136 goals have been scored in this World Cup till date and Blatter is seemingly happy with this display of attacking game during the tournament.

“I’m not the only one who is impressed by that [the quality of games]” he said.

“What has changed from the former World Cups is that in the first matches in the first round, everybody wanted to win, not to not lose. The football was exceptional right up to the last matches, the third matches.

“In the third matches there are tactics to maintain a result but still it was very exciting and results [were] only decided in the last minutes of matches.”

Interestingly, in spite of Blatter’s silence on the issue, general secretary Jerome Valcke chose to spoke on the ongoing controversy and defended the actions of Fifa

Speaking in a press conference, Valcke said: “A message to Luis Suarez? I think he should find a way to stop doing it. I think he shoud go through treatment because it’s definitely wrong.

“It’s not the first time. If it’s the first time, it’s an incident. If it’s more than one time it’s not just an incident and that’s why the sanction has to be exemplary.”