FIFA’s referring department head Massimo Busacca defended the referees controversial decision, calling it a ‘fair one’

Yuichi Nishimura, whose controversial decision to award Brazil penalty, has found some relief in FIFA, as the Association backed his decision and termed it as ‘normal’.

The incident took place when Brazilian striker Fred fell to the ground after minimal contact with Croatia’s Dejan Lovren in Thursday’s Group A game. The Japanese referee without wasting a second, pointed to the spot. The decision swung the match in Brazil’s favour as they converted the spot, taking the score line from 1-1 to 2-1, with only 20 minutes to the final whistle. Croatia eventually lost the game by 3-1 but had the penalty decision not been given in Brazil’s favor, there could have been a different result in the end.

Croatia’s coach Niko Kovac summed up his teams filling about the decision by saying ” If that’s a penalty, we don’t need to play football anymore. lets play basketball”

FIFA referring department head Massimo Busacca however believed that such decisions are normal and even went to the extent of calling the penalty decision a ‘good decision’

“We are human, there is not one human in life that is not committing a mistake. It’s part of life. The referee lives with this responsibility.” said Busacca while addressing a press conference.

“This is what the referee saw on the pitch, he had a good position, but he is not the attacker or the defender, we have to ask them if it’s enough (contact) to fall down. There was contact, if you don’t have the contact then we would not be here to discuss it. If the player doesn’t touch, doesn’t hold, we don’t discuss it.”

“On the pitch, the referee takes a decision in less than one second. He is concentrated on the gesture and when you see the hands doing something, it’s difficult to arrive at one conclusion.

Busacca, however skipped the questions over the referees further involvement in the tournament, he replied”No, it’s impossible because we have not made an analysis yet,We have to analyse the 90 minutes not one decision. We have to have clear analysis and then we will see.

He also denied any possibility of punishing the referee by saying  “It’s not correct to talk about punishment. Punishment is when you commit a crime on the streets against someone, not when you are taking an honest decision on what you saw. We’re humans.”