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Mohun Bagan

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Kochi
23rd January 2014


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FT :  Churchill Brothers  2  –  1  Mohun Bagan

93′ : That’s it ! That’s the final whistle ! Its Full time here in Kochi , Kerala. Karim and Mohun Bagan fail in another attempt to get a trophy . We are going to have a an all-goan final in the Fed Cup 2013-14. 

90′ + 1: Ball is still in the Bagan half , need to get it up there. Now Shabana , Wolfe and Balwant with the ball on the flank near the corner flag , good time wasting tactics these. 

89′ : Chance wasted by Pritam Kotal as Mohun Bagan are not able to get a single shot on target here. Mere possession in the middle is not going to help any more.

87′ : CB Sub . IN – Bineesh , OUT – Thangjam Saran Singh

85′ : Odafa is showing signs of frustration as he needlessly pushes Ravanan and Raju on two different occasions.

83′ : Corner for Mohun Bagan but Lalit Thapa flies to collect that one and now its Churchill is on the counter with Shabana controlling the midfield for the reds..

81′ : Time ticking away for Bagan , as Zakeer lobs it for Shankar Oraon but Denzil Franco comes for the rescue  for Churchill.

79′ : Churchill Brothers on the counter now with a 1-2 passing between Wolfe and Balwant but Echezona with a timely tackle inside the box.

77′ : MMB Sub . IN – Kingshuk Debnath , OUT – Shoumik Ghosh

75′ : Mohun Bagan now showing some sense of urgency as we enter the last fifteen minutes. 

73′ : Shabana to Wolfe who is into the box , gets past two defenders , runs wide , crosses back into an near empty goal as Thapa had come out of his area but there is no one to put that in as Jason vales stretches but cannot reach the ball.

71′ : Hits the Post ! Churchill again from the right as Shabana crosses for Balwant who heads it towards goal , but it Hits the Post !

69′ : Good interception by Echezona as Wolfe was on the run, but could not avoid a corner . Denson clears the ball from the corner.

67′ : MMB Sub : IN – Zakeer , OUT – Ram Mailk

65′ : We are in a critical phase of the game now , a goal for Churchill Brothers here could be fatal for Mohun Bagan but if its stays as is then its going to be one way traffic , an attack v defense game , in the last ten minutes .

63′: Both teams cancelling each other out in the midfield as Wolfe lays it for Lenny but that’s hit high and wide. Jason vales now on the run shoots and Shilton Paul punches it away for a a corner.

61′ : Mohun Bagan are creating many chances but in the final third are unable to make any attempts on goal and get Thapa in action.

59′ : Pritam to Yusa now to Ram Malik who crosses that one in but Chizoba heads it wide.

57′ : Yusa Katsumi retrieving possession for Mohun Bagan in the midfield as Lenny Rodrigues does the same for Churchill Brothers. 

55′ : Yusa to Odafa now to Chizoba who shoots low and well angled as Lalit Thapa dives to his left and to clear the ball for a corner.

53′ : As we have predicted , Coach Karim Benchira brings in a striker for wing man Pankaj.

51′ : MMB Sub : IN – Shankar Oraon , OUT – Pankaj Moula

49′ : Ref giving the advantage as Yusa and Shabana clash as Churchill attack from the left as Jaison Vales is brought into action  

47′ : No substitutions during the break but surely either of the wingers for Bagan , Pritam or Ram should be changed by Karim midway in this half to have better penetration and support. 

45′ : Churchill Brothers begin with a one goal advantage in the second half from right to left this time. 

HT  :  Churchill Brothers  2  –  1  Mohun Bagan

45’+2′ : That’s the half time whistle. Mohun Bagan have made a come back here but can they complete the turnaround. Stay tuned for the second half ! 

44′ : Lenny Rodrigues shoots from 30 yards but is off target.  On the other end its the swift Ram SIngh who crosess acroos for Pankaj but is inches high.

42′ : Fancy play by Yusa , wasted flick pass that , as Ravanan clears. Churchill Brothers playing down the clock here.

40′ : Classy trapping by Odafa gets the ball to Ram Malik on the wing now its Odafa again who shoots but collected well by Thapa.

38′ : CB Sub . IN – Jaison Vales , OUT – Alesh Sawant

36′ : Pritam to Yusa now Denson to Odafa but has been crowded out by 4 red players

34′ : Shouvik Ghosh to Denson and its a long thorugh ball to Chizoba who lays it for Ram Malik who cuts back for Odafa but Denzil FGranco clears it away. Great build up play by Bagan.

Churchill Brothers  2  –  1  Mohun Bagan

32′ : GOOOAAAAAL !  Yes its the goal machine Odafa.  Bagan had carried wave after wave of attacks and this was about to come.  We have a match on our hands !!

30′ : Yusa with a shot on target and Lalit Thapa saves it.

28′ : Mohun Bagan on the attack , its Yusa to Odafa who chips it across the Churchill defense for Ram Mailik but yet again the winger has delayed a direct shot and the opportunity is wasted.

26′ : Now its Chizoba to Odafa but is blocked by Lenny who is playing pretty well in front of the National Coach. 

24′ : Denson to Odafe and now Ram Malik into the box with a scoring chance but he delays the shot and a very good tackle by Raju Yumnam 

22′ : Khongjee has been off the mark here for Bagan . Makes a mess of that clearance. He has already been the cause for the penalty and not marking Balwant for the headed goal.

20′ : Shabana and Balwant have been awesome upfront for Churchill . Echezona gets an elbow on Shabana and Shaban gets physical and earns a yellow for that. Bit of a scuffle amongst players from both sides. Chizoba gets a yellow for an argument !

18′ : Talking about Odafa , he has barely touched the ball to make an impact here.

16′ : Chizoba and Yusa are being heavily guarded by Churchill defense whereas Pankaj and Ram on the wings are not active enough for Mohan Bagan

Churchill Brothers  2  –  0  Mohun Bagan

14′ : GOOOAL ! Anthony Wolfe , very well taken penalty , placed it perfectly , top right corner

12′ : Penalty ! Balwabnt SIngh brought down in the D area

10′ :  Raju Yumnam gets the better of Ram Malik as Mohun Bagan  attack from the right wing.

8′ : Lenny to Wolfe and is cut well by Khongjee. We have seen very little of Pankaj Moula which means the left flank is almost dysfunctional for Bagan

6′ : Mohun Bagan is under pressure here . The ball is mostly in their half. Mohun Banan need to control proceedings better , need to get some structure in place.

Churchill Brothers  1  –  0  Mohun Bagan

4′ : GOOOOOAAAAL !!!  Egyption Shabana penetrates into the box and earns a corner and its Balwant SIngh with a flip of the head gets the ball into the nets . Mohun Bagan defense completely mis-read the flight of the cross

2′ : Pritam Kotal throws in the ball for Shouvik  and we have Denzil Franco and Balwant Singh run in on Khongjee and the ball is collected by Shilto Paul 

0′ : Churchill Brothers all in red and Mohun Bagan in their famous green and maroon colours begin from right to left in the knock out round of the 2014 Fed Cup.

Staring Line Up

CBSC : 1.Lalit Thapa  26.Raju Yumnam  11.Sanjay Balmuchu  12.Denzil Franco  13.Dharmaraj Ravanan  14.Abdelhamid Shabana  17.Balwant Singh  18. Thangjam Saran Singh  21. Alesh Sawant  24. Lenny Rodrigues  30. Anthony Wolfe

MMB : 1.Shilton Paul  2. Aibor Khongjee  4. Celestine Echezona  7. Denson Devdas  9. Odafa Okolie  10. Katsumi Yusa  12. Pritam Kotal  17. Ram Malik  30. Pankaj Moula  25. Chris Chizoba  26. Shouvik Ghosh