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Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Kochi
25th January 2014


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FT  :  Churchill Brothers  3  –  1  Sporting Club de Goa

90′ + 3′ : Its the finale whistle here by the Ref. Churchill Brothers have won the Federation Cup 2014

89′ : Keenan with a throw in but the ball is back with Churchill and now its Balwant SIngh inside the box with a chance to score his first but too much time gives Joyner an opportunity to block the move.   

87′ : Time is running out for Sporting. Churchill Brothers almost have one hand on the trophy here.

85′ : Nice stepover by Beenesh gets Shabana in action now to Raju Yumham who lays it for Anthony Wolfe who shoots wide from 30 yards out.

83′ : Comedy of errors as Anthony Wolfe misses an open goal before Ravi Kumar came out and missed a simple clearance. Too many mistakes in this match by goal keeper Ravi Kumar.

81′ : On the line clearance by Joyner Lourenco from a shot by Shabana who had rounded off the goal keeper 

79′ : Nice cross by Victorino for Kalu to head but Lalit Thapa collects that one cleanly.

77′ : SCG Sub IN – Joe Pereira , OUT – Beevan D’Mello

75′ : CBSC Sub IN – Beenesh Balan , OUT – Jaison Vales Substitute replacing a substitute , that’s interesting! 

73′ : Balwant to Wolfe back to Denzil now its Lenny , Churchill Brothers are enjoying possession here.

71′ : SCG Sub : IN – Mathew Gonsalves , OUT – Rovan Pereira

69′ : Wolfe to Balwant who passess onto Jaison vales but he makes a hash of the chance , was two minded there , Jaison . wanted to shoot but it was too far for his comfort , in the end it turned up to be a half shot. 

67′ : End to end stuff here. Both teams are in total football mode. Its opened up completely. Good for the neutrals for sure.

Churchill Brothers  3  –  1  Sporting Club de Goa

65′ : GOAL ! This time by Sporting . What a counter attack. Victorino Ferandes scores for SCG. Glimmer of hope here for Sporting.

Churchill Brothers  3  –  0 Sporting Club de Goa

63′ : GOOOOOAL ! Its game set match. Shabana scores for Churchill. Beautifull through pass by Thangjam Saran Singh. 

61′ : Critical phase of the game now. If Sporting are to make a comeback , its going to be now. Need to get all out to get a goal from somewhere and then charge for the equalizer. Huge task this !

59′ : Boima Karpeh has been heavily guarded by Denzil , Shabana and Sanjay Balmuchu. Meanwhile we have a corner for Churchill at the other end.

57′ : SCDG Sub : IN – Stephen Barreto , OUT – Mackroy Peixoto

55′ : CB Sub : IN – Jaison Vales , OUT – Alesh Sawant

53′ : What a chance for Sporting ! Cross by Victorino for Boima Karpeh who glides it first time towards goal and Lalit Tapa somehow scrambles to collect that one.

51′ : Whats it with Ravi Kumar . He has come out of the box on three occassions now.

49′ : Beevan and Rowlin Borges must provide more to Boima Karpeh if Sporting are going to make a comeback here. 

Churchill Brothers  2  –  0  Sporting Club de Goa

47′ : GOOOOOAAAL ! Alesh Sawant scores. Wolfe was the provider , tore apart the defense , ball went past Ravi Kumar the goal keeper and Alesh Sawant puts it into the open net.

45′ : Second half begins. No substitutions during the break. Churchill Brother s now attack from right to left.

HT  :  Churchill Brothers  1  –  0  Sporting Club de Goa

45′ : Its Half Time here. Sporting will go into a much needed break. The script has not been going right for Oscor Bruzon and a pep talk is much needed to boost his players into the second half. 

44′ : Sporting playing with a 3-5-1-1 formation are not been influential in midfield and Boima Karpeh not able to get enough support to get into action. 

42′ : Victorino Fernandes to Kalu and a good shot but is of target.

40′ : Wolfe on the run gives a through ball but Balwant is caught in an offside position. Churchill are on a roll

38′ : Cross coming in from Thangjam Singh is deflected out for a corner . Corner taken and cleared for Shabana to take it on the volley and what a cannon ball shot from the Egyption , hits the post !

36′ : Gonzalo gets a yellow card for a foul on Denzil Franco.

34′ : Lennnnny , that was close yet again . Low shot from outside the box , just wide of the post.

32′ : Oh that was close , could have been goal no 2 for Churchill. Wolfe got past an off balanced Gonzalo Neila and an on rushing Ravi Kumar but then himself lost balance and the ball went away from the Carribean striker. Unfortunate this for Churchill . 

30′ : Ravanan , Denzil and Sanjay are making sure Boima Karpeh does not get onto the ball , Sporting have relied a lot on their striker to make an impact

28′ : Sporting Club de Goa now trying to get their act together , they are not showing the sleek passing they are known for, lot of time still left here in this match. Need to get some shots on target though to gets things going . 

26′ : Lalit Thapa fails to collect a simple ball and spills it over and is now outside the box juggling past Sporting players and clears the ball out for a throw in . Whats happening here ! School boy stuff.

24′ : Tempers boiling here , Boima Karpeh and Shabana clash and fell over each other as Karpeh retaliates with an elbow in Shabana’s back , is lucky to get just a yellow card. 

22′ : Another great chance for Churchill as we have a scramble in the Sporting box but is somehow cleared.

Churchill Brothers  1  –  0  Sporting Club de Goa

20′ : GOOOOAAAAL ! Balwant Scores !  Major mistake , mis-communication between Joyner Lourenco and Ravi Kumar and Balwant latches onto the ball gets past the goal keeper and puts the ball into the empty net.

18′ : Kalu to Beevan now to Boima who switches the play to the right flank and its Macroy Peixoto, on the run, into the box , is blocked , manages to earn a corner

16′ : Balwant and Alesh who is an overlapping role are the only ones making some movements on the left wing for Churchill. Both teams are cautious and sizing each other up. 

14′ : Denzil Franco clashing with Beevan D’Mello as the Ref stops the game for a free kick. Sporting are trying to utilize the flanks but to no avail yet.

12′ : Anthony Wolfe to Shabana who runs into the box but is snatched away by a string defensive lineup  

10′ : Its Boima Karpeh now taking on Thangjam Singh but is blocked well enough by the Churchill defender

8′ : First real attempt on goal as Boima Karpeh gets past Ravanan and crosses past a diving Thapa. 

6′ : Alesh Sawant on the left wing for Churchill with couple of promising runs.

4′ : Slow start to the game as Churchill look for a direct long ball build up versus the short passing game play by Sporting , who is coached by the Spaniard Oscar Bruzon

2′ : Karpeh to Kalu now to Rowlin Borges as Sporting enjoy some early possession here. 

0′: Churchill Brothers in all red and Sporting Club de Goa , the flaming oranje are in all whites. 

Will it be the Orange or will it be the Reds , stay tuned for live action as both teams come onto the field facing a decent crowd here in Kochi for this Fed Cup Finale which is sure to produce a new Champion tonight !

Team News

Churchill Brothers SC : 1. Lalit Thapa  11. Sanjay Balmuchu  12. Denzil Franco  13. Ravanan Dharmaraj  14. Abdelhamid Shabana  17. Balwant SIngh  18. Thangjam Singh  21. Alesh Sawant  24. Lenny Rodrigues  26. Raju Yumam  30. Anthony Wolfe

Sporting Club de Goa :  1. Ravi Kumar  5. Keenan Almeida  6. Gonzal Neila  7. Mackroy Peixoto  8. Kalu Ogba  13. Beevan D’Mello  14. Victorino Fernandes  23. Rowlin Borges  24. Rovan Pereira  30. Boima Karpeh  33. Joyner Lourenco