FC Barcelona have lost two back to back games in La Liga and coach Luis Enrique is confident that his team will come back strongly against Ajax on Wednesday.

FC Barcelona lost to Real Madrid a fortnight ago and they were again beaten by Celta Vigo in their own backyard. Coach Luis Enrique and the playing staff of FC Barcelona is under tremendous pressure to secure a win against Ajax now and the coach understands the importance of this game.

Speaking in a press conference ahead of a game against Ducth champions Ajax, Luis Enrique said that: “I won’t change anything. I want to improve myself and the squad. I want to win prizes with my own philosophy. After two losses, it is time for us to take the three points. I don’t know if we will get back on track if we beat Ajax, but that’s not something that worries me. I feel always the pressure of being the coach of a top club, but that’s normal. It will be very important to win tomorrow, so we can hopefully finish top of our group. “

The FC Barcelona coach said that he expects a strong Ajax challenge on Wednesday. “I expect a courageous Ajax against us. I saw the game from last season. It will be difficult, but we have two completely different teams in comparison with the previous season. We will fight Ajax in our own way.”

Meanwhile, Ajax boss Frank de Boer believes that his team is capable of stopping Messi. Speaking in a press conference ahead of their Champions League game against FC Barcelona, De Boer said that: “Messi always looks to make his own space and it is always very difficult to mark him. You always have to be very attentive to what he is up to. He has quick touches and in two seconds he can be in front of the opposition goal. For that reason we have to mark him tightly. It’s tricky, but as a team we can stop him.”

De Boer also urged his players to step up their game to beat FC Barcelona. “”What we have to do is play and keep the ball. We have to be very focused at the start of the match, which we failed to do at Camp Nou. You always have to respect your opponents, but you shouldn’t fear them. When we play to our ability we will have chances. I want my team to play with lots of confidence and show our quality. We have to step up if we want to beat FC Barcelona.”

Image Courtesy: FC Barcelona Official Website