FC Barcelona coach Luis Enrique came forward to the rescue of under fire Gerard Pique today. He said that Pique is doing everything he needs to do as a footballer and there is no attitude problem.

FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has come under fire for his below par displays this season and it is being reported in the Spanish media that there are some disciplinary problems with Gerard Pique and that coach Luis Enrique is not happy with the attitude of the player.

But coach Luis Enrique said in his press conference today that there is no such issue with Gerard Pique and everything is perfectly fine. “Gerard Pique is doing everything he needs to do as a footballer in order to play. I’ll leave the exaggerations to you lot. I’m delighted with all of my centre-backs”, said Luis Enrique in his press conference.

FC Barcelona are set to play against Almeria on Saturday afternoon and coach Luis Enrique said that the timing of the game is not right. “They haven’t won at home yet, but they’ve strengthened their squad a lot and they’ll make life difficult for us by trying to close down the spaces. It’s too soon to be playing really, but that’s what we have to do; we don’t have a choice. We’re playing away from home as well and that limits us even more, but there’s no room for excuses.”

The FC Barcelona boss also took the opportunity to praise Lionel Messi in his press conference. Luis Enrique said that: “Messi looks like he’s performing at the top of his game to me. He’s the best player of all time, the best I’ve ever seen, with the ability to win games. He knows he needs his teammates, and that’s what I’ve seen.”

When asked about the adoption of his tactics by the players, Luis Enrique said that he is not completely happy with the performance of the players yet. “No. I’m not fully satisfied yet. Sometimes they play more quickly and sometimes more slowly. I like it that way: Intensity and pressure. Sometimes things go better than you expected but sometimes we take a step backwards. There are a lot of changes.”

Javier Mascherano and Sergio Busquetes have never played together in the midfield for FC Barcelona yet but Luis Enrique said that they both can play together in future. “I’ve never used them like that. Our system is one holding midfielder. But they could play together because Busquets can play inside as well.”