Former FC Barcelona star Cesc Fabregas admits he would love to see Leo Messi join him at Chelsea but suggests he has never been more important to the Blaugrana than in 2014-15.

Cesc Fabregas has said that he would be glad if Leo Messi signs for Chelsea. The midfielder has also stressed that FC Barcelona are too much dependant Argentina international now and the Catalans have been little more than “Leo Messi and 10 others” this season.

Leo Messi had suggested last month that he could leave the club in the near future. And taking a clue from these comments of Messi, Fabregas said that Chelsea is the right club for the little master.

“(Messi joining Chelsea?) I wish! Why not? I’d love that to happen. I’d be all for it,” Fabregas told Radio Marca.

“As a FC Barcelona man, I believe that Messi deserves to retire there for all that he has given the club. He is a legend that has changed FC Barcelona’s history. But, as his team-mate and friend, without doubt I’d love to have Messi by my side at Chelsea”.

FC Barcelona have star studded attack, which comprises of Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez. However, Fabregas still believes that the Catalans are more dependant on Messi this season than ever.

“This season Barca are Messi and 10 others,” Fabregas said. “Messi has saved his team on many occasions.”

Fabregas also praised current Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho and said that he would be a great fit for FC Barcelona as he follows the “same philosophy” as the Catalans.

“Mourinho adapts to the players he has. What makes him so great as a coach is that he adapts to any situation and his teams can play in many different ways. It’s a very intelligent way of managing”.

“I’d say that FC Barcelona have a style that he has already experienced and understands perfectly. We play a very similar game: we want to be the protagonists, have possession and look to score. We may have a different system, but the philosophy is similar”.