Chelsea’s robust midfielder Cesc Fabregas, expressed his views on the Chelsea’s season so far after their win against West Bromich Albion. The Spanish International, understood that this is just a beginning for bigger and better things.

“This is just the beginning. Everyone is talking well about Chelsea now, how great we are and then you lose two games they will talk about how bad we are.” he said speaking to Chelsea’s official website

“We have been long enough in football not to fall into this trap and to just keep going the way we want to achieve things.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea have already been dubbed as favorites to win the Premier League, but the Midfielder shunned talks of Chelsea already running away with the title.

“We don’t look at all the comments from TV, press or fans because if you start looking at it now, everyone will think that Chelsea has already won the title and it is not like that.

“We know it is a long way to go,”

“We are professionals and some of us have been playing these type of competitions for a very long time and we have only played a few games really [this season].

“It is a long way to go and we still have to do better than that.”

Although Chelsea has been clinical in their performances so far, the former Arsenal man believes that it would not be valid to judge Chelsea’s form this season with the Invincibles of Arsenal.

“I don’t compare us with any other big sides because we haven’t won anything,” Fabregas insisted.

Meanwhile, the Spanish International shared his thoughts on Chelsea’s win against West Bromich Albion, dubbing Chelsea’s performance as ‘beautiful’

‘I don’t think I’m exaggerating if I don’t remember playing and enjoying a match as much as I did in the first half,It was a beautiful performance. We created plenty of chances and had control,’

‘It is difficult after internationals because the team doesn’t have time to work on things but I enjoyed it a lot, particularly the first 45 minutes.’

Fabregas who moved from Barcelona to Chelsea, bagged his 10th league assist of the season. Jose Mourinho once again rubbished talks of an unbeaten season and refused to address the talk of Premier League already in Chelsea’s kitty.

‘We are playing fantastically but if you don’t get silverware, it is a frustration,Do you remember a team that played fantastic football and won nothing? You remember ones that won.’ Mourinho said. 

With a 2-0 win over West Bromich Albion, Chelsea amount to thirty two points, seven points adrift of second placed Southampton, who have a gave in hand.