Chelsea boss José Mourinho has again started the war of words with Arsene Wenger, claiming that Cesc Fábregas never wanted to return to Arsenal and that it was easy to convince him to join the Stamford Bridge club.

Arsenal had a first refusal in their contract with FC Barcelona but Wenger told his former captain that there was no suitable role for him in his squad. Fabregas has joined Chelsea now and Mourinho suggested today that the blues were the first choice of the Spain international once it became clear he had no future in Barcelona.

“I spoke with him for 20 minutes,” Mourinho was speaking to BT Sport. “I think he really wanted to come to us. As you know Arsenal had an option where they could interfere but I think he was not open to that. He was very much in our direction. It was an easy job for me.”

Chelsea have signed the likes of Diego Costa and Filipe Luis during this transfer window and Mourinho expressed his satisfaction over the business his club has done so far.

“I have to say my club did a fantastic job and not just because of what we bought but a fantastic job because we did it almost in record time,” Mourinho said. “The market closes at 31 August and we close our market on 19 July. We finished our market today. The club did fantastic. We knew the targets, we knew the players. The club attacked them and their clubs at a very early stage. We got exactly what we need. The squad is a squad I like very much.”

Mourinho said that Chelsea will not make anymore signings during this transfer window. “The market is open but we are so happy with what we have. We feel our squad is what we want. We don’t want a squad of only finished products. We want to bring to the first team three or four under-21 players. We are going to develop players and are happy with this balance we have.”

Jack Wilshere of Arsenal was pictured smoking a cigarette on holiday this week and Mourinho did not miss the chance to take another jibe at his London based rivals.

“What football players do, millions and millions are watching, lots of kids are watching,” he said. “I’m not a specialist obviously but I don’t think if a football player smokes one cigar or cigarette with friends in the summer when he is not training – I don’t think it affects his performance. What gets affected is that a kid at home says if a top football player can smoke then I can smoke and it is not a problem. It is more a social consequence than a physical consequence.”