Former England manager Glenn Hoddle has insisted that a total revamp is required for the national team to compete again in big tournaments.

It seems that the post-mortem of England’s early exit from the World Cup has already began as former players and managers are coming out with their own reasoning over the failure of the team in Brazil. Glenn Hoddle and Graham Taylor have claimed today that England needs to change its structure in order to regain its glory days back.

Costa Rica beat Italy yesterday and England crashed out of the World Cup just eight days into the competition. The Three Lions had already lost their first two games against Italy and Uruguay prior to yesterday’s encounter. This is the earliest exit of England from the World Cup since 1958.

And former boss Hoddle feels that England needs to learn lessons from the other successful nations.

“This is a much bigger picture of how we’ve got to change and what other countries have done with their youngsters. That’s a long-term thing. That isn’t about too many foreigners in our country stopping youngsters, this is a bigger picture.” Hoddle was speaking to Sky Sports.

Hoddle feels that England needs to groom their players since the start of their career and they can learn a lesson or two from their Latin American or Spanish counterparts.

“And this goes back to how we might have to change our attitude and what we desire from a young footballer of five, six, seven years old, what I call pre-coaching before they get to eight years of age and they start getting coached.

“This is about being happy with the ball, manipulation of the ball. This is about having a part of your body which becomes the ball. And that’s what they’ve done in South America all their lives, and Europe, Europeans, the Spanish.

“We have never had that philosophy. And we will be sitting here in another 10 years saying the same things if we don’t change our philosophy of how we deal with football.”

England will be playing in Euro 2016 qualifying matches shortly and the former boss believes that Roy Hodgson should persuade the senior members to stay with the squad.

Meanwhile, Graham Taylor, another former manager has also claimed that Hodgson must continue putting his faith in youth. Taylor said: “We wanted to see the young players and there is hope amongst that, there is no doubt about that.

“I honestly do believe that the media, in terms of Roy giving these youngsters a chance, were behind that, and I just hope that we stick at this development and letting the young players develop on the international scene. I think there is some future here in the English young players that we have seen.”