England star Wayne Rooney is ready for the World Cup and has stressed that he wants to make an impact like the one made by Brazil striker Ronaldo in 1998 and 2002.

Rooney believes that England has a very good chance of winning the World Cup and he will give his best to the team. The Manchester United star has also claimed that Brazil was his favorite team when he was gorwing up.

 “When I was growing up, Brazil were my favourite team to watch: Ronaldo, Romario, players like that,’’ said Rooney.

“Ronaldo was the best. I was actually watching a documentary on him yesterday. It was in the massage room on the TV and it was great to see how he played. Sometimes you forget how good he was as a finisher, quick, strong, different type of goals. As an out-and-out forward he was probably the best.

“I want to prove myself at this level, which I haven’t been able to do before. This is my last big one to get the best out of me and I want to be as good as I can. At the World Cup in 2018 I will be older and it will be difficult to make an impact on that. It’s a tough tournament. But I feel good. I am settled at home with my family. I have no issues whatsoever.”

Rooney is adamant that he will work very hard to get success in Brazil but also claimed that he will not think too much about it.  “I think I’d be more likely to oversleep you have so much time. I’m obviously hard on myself. After every game during a season, I’ll watch the game back and there are times when you think you’ve played well and you see you haven’t played that well – or vice versa – where you’ve played better than you thought at the time. I do put myself under pressure. I do that to try to get the best out of myself.”

England manager Hogson has got the services of Psychiatrist for the World Cup but Rooney feels he is not worried about the same. “The manager has brought him in for us to speak to him if the players want to. After hearing what he said on Tuesday night to us, I feel it might benefit me. I’ll certainly go and speak to him. There’s no harm in doing that.’’

“The last few tournaments obviously haven’t gone great for myself and I was gutted when I got injured towards the end of season but then I had two weeks when I knew I could do a lot of hard training before the squad met up.’’

Rooney is also excited to play along with the youngsters his coach has selected for the World Cup. “The selection Roy’s made is exciting. There’s a lot of young players and a lot of pace in the team, which maybe we didn’t have before. Hopefully the young lads will go in with no fear, do what they do for their clubs. If they do that we will have a really strong team and do what we want.

“When you meet up for a World Cup, you’re always focused. It’s not like other countries where you see players fighting. Everyone always gets along, but we’re all focused and we’re there with that attitude of trying to win the tournament.’’

England will be playing against traditional powerhouse Italy in their opening game of the World Cu