Liverpool striker Luis Suarez believes that England have some problems in their defence and Uruguay will exploit them at the World Cup.

Uruguay are paired with Italy and England for the World Cup group of death. Though Luis Suarez praised Leighton Baines and Wayne Rooney, he believes that England still have some weaknesses in their defence which he will take advantage of.

This English side is relatively inexperienced but Suarez said that Urugau will be very cautious of their approach and they will treat each game as final.

“England have a nice mix of experience of youth this time. In previous years there were players who were maybe a bit past their best,” he was speaking to The Guardian.

“Now there are players coming through with hunger to succeed. We have to be very careful.

“But, they do have weaknesses at the back and I know what they are. I won’t be saying that in the paper but in the Uruguay squad I will.”

Suarez is not completely recovered from his knee injury yet but is hopeful of playing in all three group matches. Urguay will be facing England in Sao Paolo on 19th June.

However, despite criticizing the English defence, Luis Suarez has special praise for Everton left back Leighton Baines. Suarez believes that Baines has got best left foot in the Premier League. “Baines is a player I like a lot. His focus is more defensive than attacking but he has got the best left foot in the Premier League.

“He’s spectacular. He has a lot of quality, he strikes the ball very well and, with good players around him, England can benefit from that. We have to be very careful.”

Luis Suarez also reserved special words for Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney. Going into this World Cup, Rooney has been targeted by a specific section of media but Suarez is backing the striker to succeed at the World Cup.

“Rooney has that will to win and this is a good chance for him. I read Hodgson saying that people were piling responsibility onto him.

“It is good that he has the responsibility but not pressure. He has a lot of good players around him.”

Six of Luis Suarez’s Liverpool teammates will be playing for England in the World Cup and the Uruguayan has very professional towards it. He said: “A World Cup is always different but my team-mates are playing very well and they could play a similar role for England as they have for Liverpool.”