Latest Manchester United signing Angel di Maria has claimed he never wanted to leave Real Madrid in his farewell letter to Real fans.

The Argentine winger had a medical in Manchester on Tuesday and has signed a five-year deal. The fee eclipses the £50m Chelsea paid Liverpool for striker Fernando Torres in 2011. Spanish daily Marca have revealed di Maria’s goodbye message to Real fans and despite asking for a transfer, the attacker has insisted that it wasn’t his wish to leave the Spanish club. He writes in his farewell letter:

“My time at Real Madrid has come to an end. It’s impossible, in just a few lines, to put all I have gained here, but this letter is my way of explaining how I’m feeling now that I’m bidding the club farewell. Over the four years I have had the honour of wearing this shirt, I have felt nothing but pride about everything that has happened and all I have achieved together with my teammates.

“Sadly, now I have to go, but I want to make it clear that this was never my wish. I’ve always wanted to progress, as anyone else does in their job. I went to the World Cup after winning the ‘Decima’ with the hope of getting some signal from the Club Management, but it never came.

“Many things were said and many lies circulated. They always wanted to pin the idea of leaving the club on me, but that’s not how it was.

“Unfortunately, my football isn’t to someone’s taste. The only thing I asked for was a fair deal. There are many things that I value and a lot of them have nothing to do with my salary. I hope to find them at Manchester United, one of the biggest clubs in the world, with which I’m hoping to make history.

“I’ve been lucky enough to share a dressing room with fantastic players, who have been even better companions. I think that was the key to La Decima. I want to apologise for the times I was wrong, on or off the pitch. It was never my intention to harm anyone. I sweated for this shirt in every game as if it was my last.

“There were times when things went for me and others when they didn’t, but what I can say is I always gave everything.

“I want to thank Spain for everything you have given me and especially for allowing my daughter to be born in this country. And the very special people at Monteprincipe hospital, who I will always carry in my heart. My wife, daughter and I will be forever grateful.

“Also to my colleagues who always gave me their support, in good times and bad, to the various technical staffs I got to work with and also to the people who work every day at the club, with whom I had a great relationship.

“I wish that Madrid have a great season and achieve what the club is always looking for. I take forever in my memory that time in the Supercopa when I came on at the Bernabeu and the immense affection I received from the fans. Thank you. I have goose bumps still.

“I can’t think of a better farewell for what was unfortunately my last game.

“Hala Madrid! Always and forever!”

To even out the bills after the acquisition of James Rodriguez and Toni Kroos is the only logical conclusion as to why Perez sold di Maria. While this letter is a great gesture by the Argentine star, it has now left a cloud in the fans’ minds as to why the management did not make their stance on the player clearer and why he was deemed surplus to requirements despite being such an important part of the La Decima winning team last season.

(Note: This is not the entire letter)