Manchester United’s Angel Di Maria has revealed that his former club Real Madrid tried to prevent him from playing in the World Cup finals as they feared that he might aggravate his injury.

Di Maria’s relationship with Real Madrid has soured since his high-profile transfer to Manchester United and his recent accusation will not help heal the wounds between the player and his former club.

“I got a letter from Madrid that arrived at 11am on the day of the (World Cup final) asking me not to play.”

“We were playing at 4pm and I was preparing myself to be in the best condition, knowing that I could have got injured. I was thinking about playing in the final, although I knew that if I did there was a 90 per cent chance I’d re-injure myself.”

“As soon as I got that letter, I ripped it up. I did not care, no matter what.”

Di Maria’s recent accusation comes in the wake of Florentino Perez’s public defence regarding the club’s decision to sell the Argentine winger this summer. Perez revealed that the club wanted to hold on to the player but could not offer him a satisfactory contract offer.

Talking about Real Madrid asking him to miss playing in the World Cup finals, Di Maria revealed that he suffered a lot but said that he did not take up the issue with anyone at the club.

“I suffered a lot that morning. That was the worst thing to ever happen in my life. I didn’t speak to anyone at the club about this. It doesn’t matter.”

“In the end, it was (Argentinan manager) Sabella who made the decision and it was for the best.”

Talking about his exit from Santiago Bernabeu, Di Maria once again emphasised that he never wanted to leave the club but was forced to do so as the club brought in new replacements. The arrival of James Rodriguez could have been seen as a threat to Di Maria.

“I never said I wanted to leave Madrid. The club decided to buy other players. I always had a great relationship with my team-mates.”

The Argentine winger even went on to say that he never had a good relationship with Florentino Perez, hinting that the club president never did enough to retain his services.

“I have no relationship with Florentino Perez. When I signed my contract, he was not present.”

There were rumours that Di Maria was to be sold last summer and Angel Di Maria confirmed that it was indeed Cristiano Ronaldo who fought for the Argentine and convinced Florentino Perez to not sell the player.

Ronaldo had previously expressed his dissatisfaction with Real Madrid’s transfer policy, criticizing the club for letting go of Di Maria and Xabi Alonso. Di Maria even went on to cast doubts regarding Ronaldo’s future at Real Madrid, explaining that he does not know how long the Portuguese will continue at Santiago Bernabeu.

“Cristiano was always on my side. He fought for me to stay. I don’t know how long he will stay at Madrid.”

Talking about his new club Manchester United, Di Maria spoke about his time in Spain with fondness and believes that he will take time to adjust to his new club.

“I was having a good time in Spain, so the change will have its toll. I have to adapt to my new team-mates, but I hope it will be as quick as possible.”

“I want to score goals and get United back to where they should be. I’m very happy to be in Manchester.”