After heavy blows being exchanged, and neither emerging a victor, Delhi Dynamos played out a goal-less draw against FC Pune City. A fixture, which created hype of Alessandro del Piero vs David Trezeguet, concluded with neither player being able to develop his stronghold on the game. Both the teams, will share the spoils of the match, a point each.

“Everyone played very well,not one person, every player. I think Pune didn’t have a chance. We tried to play as offensive as possible. I saw Delhi players make a lot of progression. I am disappointed about the result, but very happy with the performance.” said Delhi Dynamos coach Harm van Veldhoven

“Pune were coming today for a point. They were playing for a point and Italian defending is very tough” he adds

Veldhoven created some stirs as he failed to start with Alessandro del Piero, but minutes before the half-time, an injury scare to Marten Skoubo meant the inclusion of the Italian Legend.

“I think with the quality of our forwards, we have a lot of attacking threat. We need to convert from our chances. I feel unlucky because I like to win but I am very satisfied with the performance. You saw combinations. It’s a start. I think we’ll get better. Its difficult when you have five weeks and different players, who need to stat playing as a team” said the Dutch Maestro, who faces Atletico de Kolkata next.

While Delhi Dynamos cursed their inconsistency of the final ball, FC Pune City gladly accepted a point.

“I want to win all matches but they are difficult. In the next match, we wont make the same mistakes and I think a win would be possible. Delhi is a good team” said FC Pune City gaffer, Franco Colomba

After a disappointing first half, FC Pune City, turned to counter attacks, to keep their hopes alive, while defending in numbers.

“Yeah, we were more tight and compact in the second half. The problem for us was, many mistakes in the counterattack.I think we could have done better without these mistakes in the counterattack.” he added.

Colomba, started with Israil Gurung, instead of Dudu, a veteran of Indian Football, a switch which also raised some eyes.

“Dudu is a good player. I have 26 players. I have three matches in a week and it is not easy. Dudu and other players have a possibility to start the next matches” he said, justifying his move

While this was an eye-candy of a match, for the football depraved Delhi Crowd, Franco Colomba, shared his views on their first meeting with Delhi Dynamos, he said “I think every match is difficult because we don’t know all opponents and the first half of the match, we needed to get to know the opponents. After which we were able to propose our tactics and style. In the start, it was difficult, but this is a problem with all teams”

Playing out a goalless draw, means both Delhi Dynamos and FC Pune City share a point, whilst sitting on third and fourth places, respectively.

Delhi Dynamos take on Atletico de Kolkata, on a trip away from home, while FC Pune City yet again, travel to Mumbai City FC.