Manchester United manager David Moyes is confident ahead of his side’s visit to Arsenal.

David Moyes has insisted that Manchester United are still a “top side” despite their slump this season. Manchester United and their new manager David Moyes both received another harsh and unfavorable result as they drew 2-2 to Fulham on Sunday. But Moyes believes that United can do the double and win against Arsenal again, after the Red Devils won at home 1-0, in November. He spoke in his pre-match conference:

“We got a good result against Arsenal here at Old Trafford earlier in the season and we’ll try and do the same again. I think we’ve played better, I think we’ve played better in several games, but in that one we got the one goal and that sometimes makes the difference.

“We’ll go and play the way we are, we are a top side and hopefully we’ll go and show that we are. We’ll play well and do everything we can to pick up all three points.”

On the draw against Fulham, which saw United produce 81 crosses, Moyes added:

“We played well and in any other game you would have scored many goals. We didn’t get it on the day. Everybody keeps telling me about the stats and the opportunities we had so we had plenty of chances to win the game. Football does that sometimes and we’ve got to try and make sure it doesn’t happen too often. There have been a few twists this season; hopefully we’ll get them our way in the future. You just continue doing the right things. Keep going and your luck will change, there’s no doubt about that.

Nemanja Vidic has decided to move from United in the summer and the United manager has already spoken to the press regarding it.Moyes also clarified rumors surrounding Rio Ferdinand’s future as reports in newspapers and social media outlets had claimed that Ferdinand would not be flying to Dubai for the short winter camp on Thursday, and was set to announce his retirement at the end of the season.

“I can only tell you that what was written today was a load of rubbish, complete nonsense. We’ve got a chance of a few days away. We’ll see. We’ll go and try to have a few days away and get ready. We’ve got a big Champions League game coming up in just over a week’s time.”

Ferdinand himself took to Twitter to mock the rumors surrounding him:

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