Manchester United manager David Moyes claims that he is thrilled to have drawn Bayern Munich in the Champions League as the reigning English champions prepare to visit West Ham on Saturday.

Having won a thrilling second leg agaisnt Olympiakos on Wednesday, Manchester United fan’s joy was short lived after it was revealed that will be facing Champions League winner Bayern Munich in the quarter finals of the tournament.

David Moyes, who has earned himself some breathing room with the 3-0 victory believes that his team surprised everyone by making it to the quarter-finals and was reportedly ‘thrilled’ to have been a part of the quarterfinal draw.

“I was thrilled that we were in that draw and in the quarter-final of the Champions League,” said Moyes.

“When we were 2-0 down to Olympiakos, I don’t think there were too many people putting us through into the quarter-final draw.

 Though David Moyes’ intentions cannot be ascertained for certain, his statement can be interpreted as him aiming for really low standards for a club of United’s stature. A Manchester United team is ‘supposed’ to make it to the quarter-finals, especially when pitted against a team like Olmpiakos.

Instead David Moyes shows his lack of maturity by claiming to be ‘thrilled’ to be a ‘part’ of the draw itself which raises the question if Moyes has moved on from his Everton days. Yes United were trailing 2-0 after the first leg and were ruled out by most critics and fans but a Manchester United manager must always believe in making spectacular come-backs.

The ‘Chosen One’ added that it did not ‘matter’ who they drew in the Champions League, again behaving like a manager who is in awe of just being a part of the Champions League. An Alex Ferguson would have been very clear of who he wanted to play in the Champions League but his successor seems to be satisfied of just making it to the last 8 and not giving any weight to their upcoming opponent.

“So in a lot of ways, it didn’t matter who I drew, but I’ve probably drawn out the favourites and the holders of the competition. It’s a really tough draw for us, but one I’m looking forward to.”

The manager claimed that he was ‘old fashioned’ and preferred to play at home in the second leg of the Champions League tie.

“I think if you’re old fashioned, you’d say you always want to be at home second.”

“I’ve got to say that would be the preference. But the way the games are going now, with counter-attack football, there’s a different approach from teams away from home.

“We’ve got it. That’s the way the draw’s come out. We’re at home in the first leg and away in the second leg.”

The manager seemed more concern with where and in which order he was playing his matches rather than worrying about who he was playing. Manchester United have not been anywhere near the level that Bayern Munich have reached under Pep Guardiola. However to write off the Red Devils so soon would be doing grave injustice to the club’s history and its new manager.