Speaking ahead of the clash against Aston Villa on Saturday, one that will see the fans voice their protest in an unique way by arranging for a fly-by over Old Trafford, David Moyes dismissed the protest saying that the fans were entitled to do as they please.

“I’ve heard of it [the plane stunt] and what they’re saying about it. People can do that. They are entitled to do that. It’s a long journey here and this is just the start of the journey.”

David Moyes has come under intense pressure due to Manchester United’s humiliating loss at the hands of arch rivals Liverpool and Manchester City and it seems that the fans are trying their best to make their feelings clear for their manager. ‘The Chosen One’ banner that was put up following David Moyes’ appointment as the manager has also come under threat after stewards had to be deployed to prevent the fans from tearing it following City’s thrashing. It now appears that a plane will fly over the Old Trafford just prior to tomorrow’s kick-off and will carry a banner asking for Moyes’ sacking.

The manager seemed to put up a brave face in front of the Press and believes that United will draw on their performances against Olympiakos and West Ham and strive to do well against Aston Villa.

“We didn’t play well in midweek and it was disappointing. We played well against Olympiakos and then at West Ham.”

“We’re looking to get more of the West Ham performance than the midweek one [against Manchester City].”

While the manager has been on the line of fire, the players have somewhat escaped the wrath of the Old Trafford faithful in the recent weeks. It took a Paul Scholes to bring the players under glare after criticising Fellaini and Rio Ferdinand for their performance against Manchester City.

David Moyes believes that the players too are hurting following their dismal performance this season and are desperate to set the record straight.

“The players know exactly what it is to play for Manchester United. They know the standards they have to set. They’re hurting as well as me, they are desperate to put it right and we hope they can show that against Aston Villa.”

“You work hard to get to this place in the first place and I’m more driven to succeed than ever. I want to change this position we’re in now and I really believe we can do this.”

Moyes' recent signings have failed this season

Moyes’ recent signings have failed this season

However these words wont mean much to those associated with United as this is a stance that the Chosen One has adopted on more than one occasion. He has continuously promised the fans of ‘setting the record straight’ but has failed to achieve any consistency with his squad.

The manager urged the fans and the reporters to be patient and believes that United will continue to attract the best of talent as he hopes to rebuild the squad this summer.

“We’ve got a great club with the players we can attract, it’s just going to take a little time to get sorted.”

“But I understand results are what matter. The business is results driven and I’m keen to get those results to make sure we move up the table.”

However, as Gary Neville pointed out, just going out in the market and ‘splashing’ money will not help Manchester United as they will have to make sure that their signings are spot on right. Judging by Moyes’ recent signings, Fellaini who has failed to sparkle and Mata who has been used out of position, it remains to be seen if just ‘buying talent’ will be enough for the manager to turn things around.