Yaya Toure has escalated his feud with his club as he has now hit out with claims that Manchester City denied him the chance of meeting his dying brother.

Ibrahim Toure died of cancer at a young age of 28 in Manchester last Thursday. His brothers Yaya and Kolo are presently with Ivory Coast at the World Cup finals in Brazil. Reports had claimed the brothers would leave Brazil to be with their family, but a team spokesperson said that they would remain at the World Cup.

Touré took part in the Premier League champions’ end-of-season tour to Dubai before flying to the World Cup with Ivory Coast  while his family tended to Ibrahim in Manchester. Toure has come out and spoken of his anguish of not being able to be with his dying brother and hit out at Manchester City for disallowing him a chance to do so.

In an interview with France Football, Touré said: “I confess that I am still very sad. I’m suffering because I feel I have done nothing useful for him the last few weeks.

“At the end of the season, I wanted to stay for four or five days with my brother before I flew to prepare for the World Cup with Ivory Coast, except that City did not want to give me a few days.

“I went to celebrate the title championship in Abu Dhabi while my brother was in his sickbed. By fortune, Kolo was at his bedside. After that I blame myself for not insisting and for not leading them to respect me.

“However, club officials knew that I had been suffering for a few months seeing the health of my brother decline. This is the reason I had several injuries at the end of the season, because my head had taken control of my body. These last four months have probably been the hardest in my life.”

The relationship between City and Toure has been quite strained recently, with his agent even saying the player would like a move out of last season’s Premier League winners’ camp. The 31 year old was left disgruntled after City didn’t wish him on his 31st birthday. His agent, Dimitry Seluk, stated that his client was unhappy as no one from City wished him on his birthday. He said, “Money is not important. He has enough money. The most important thing is a human relationship and maybe this is his opportunity for Yaya to find that. If City don’t respect him, then, easy, Yaya will leave. No problem.”

He added, “They don’t know that money can’t buy relationships – no Sheikh can buy a relationship. This isn’t about money or a new contract – it’s about human relationships and City have shown they don’t respect him. I repeat, this is not about money. In fact, he would take less to return to Barcelona. What happened at his birthday meant the club don’t care about him. It was proof. They can say whatever they want, ‘Oh we like him but we forgot’.

“Forgot? About Yaya? The player who helped you to be two-times Premier League champions? The guy who helped you win the FA Cup and the League Cup? His birthday can be on a normal day and, in a normal team, his team-mates and club would at least give him good wishes. But when you win the title on May 11, a day later you go to Abu Dhabi and on May 13 you have a big party to celebrate the title and nobody comes to Yaya to say, ‘Happy birthday’, what more do you want?”

This statement had left everyone in a state of shock and the Ivorian later confirmend that what his agent spoke, was in fact, true. He tweeted: “Everything dimitry said is true. He speaks for me. I will give an interview after world cup to explain.”