Chelsea’s lynch pin in the midfield, Nemaja Matic has said that the Blues would look to match Arsenal’s undefeated run of form. Chelsea have been in solid form lately, and with although Jose Mourinho has rubbished talks of an unbeaten season, Matic believes that Chelsea has the capibility to go unbeaten.

“We are in a determined mood and there is more pressure for us because we want to go through the season unbeaten. We want to be the new Invincibles,”  said Matic 

“I want to win every game if possible. People can say the unbeaten record is putting more pressure on us, but I would rather have it this way because winning is never boring.

“When you win, training feels better and so does playing matches. I don’t know if we are better than the Chelsea team who won the title 10 years ago, but we know our qualities and we are a stylish team.”

Chelsea were held to a goalless draw against Gus Poyet’s Sunderland and although the Blues dominated the match, the Black Cats kept the oncoming attacks successfully at bay.

“Of course we feel we can carry on winning, the confidence is there,” he added.

“We have approached all the games in the right context and tried to win them all, but I have been on a run like this before, at Benfica, when we went unbeaten for nearly the whole season. We lost the title in the penultimate game of the season when we lost for the first time against Porto, who went on to win the title.

Two years ago, in Portugal, the Serbian midfielder was a kingpin of the Benfica side who were on course for the Treble until they suffered 16 days of hell at the death – including a last-gasp Europa League final defeat by Chelsea – and finished the campaign empty-handed.

Benfica only lost once in the Primera Liga all season, but it was a dramatic 2-1 defeat in a title shoot-out with rivals Porto in the penultimate game of the season, and they missed out by a single point.

“We played really well the whole season and were unbeaten for so long, but Porto also won every game. It was so hard to take. We lost the title, the Europa League and the Portuguese Cup in two weeks. These things happen maybe once in a thousand years.

“It shows what can happen and it’s a lesson for Chelsea. It shows you can never be certain of anything in football. If we want to win the Premier League, we must continue playing like this in every game — right until the end.

“Even if we are still top and unbeaten with two games to go, we must not believe we have won it. We must not stop until the title is ours. We must keep going until it is definitely won.

“Benfica is an example that anything can happen in the end. And in England, there are a lot of teams who can beat you and stop you from winning the title. We must fight and at Chelsea I believe we are ready for that.”

Although with the scintillating form Chelsea are in, many have already dubbed Chelsea as their Champions. Chelsea now face Tottenham in the London derby, before their fiery encounter with Newcastle United.