Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho has dismissed reports which had claimed that he was eager to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.

Mourinho v Sir Alex Ferguson

Both Chelsea and Manchester United have undergone managerial changes this season, but the outcome of these changes has been contrasting so far. While Chelsea’s season have gone from strength to strength since the arrival of the “Happy one”, David Moyes is still finding his feet as he looks to succeed Sir Alex at Old Trafford. Considering the fact that Manchester United have had to replace one of the greatest managers of all time, an elongated transitional phase is perhaps the least one could have expected out of them this season.

Before David Moyes was appointed as the manager at Old Trafford, reports suggested Jose Mourinho as one of the prime contenders for this job. In the book “Prepare to lose: The Mourinho Era”, author Diego Torres claimed that Mourinho broke down when he came to know that Sir Alex has handpicked David Moyes for the job. But the Portuguese manager has brayed at those claims and insisted that Chelsea were the only club he ever hoped to get a job at after Real Madrid.

“I think the person who wrote that book shouldn’t write books. He should write books for kids using his imagination.

“I am where I want to be. I want to go nowhere else. I have the job I want to have, I don’t have another job.

“When I left Porto I wanted to come to England because at that time there was no Chelsea, I had no emotional connections with any club.

“When I left Chelsea I wanted only Italy or Spain, not another English club.

“After Real Madrid I wanted England and if possible, Chelsea. It’s the only time I’ve said this country and this specific club.

“If not Chelsea then I’d have been in England at another club, but when the door at my club opened for me, I had the job I wanted to have.” – The Chelsea manager said.

Mourinho also insisted that he knew about Sir Alex’s announcement before it became official and that the former United boss was also aware of his future destination being Chelsea.

“I knew a couple of weeks before the announcement because my friend (Ferguson) was very nice to me and trusted me completely.

“He told me something really important before the press, he didn’t want me to read it in the press. He told me you are one of my best players in football, I want you to know it from me.

“He was so nice to me, he gave me such a big reasonability to keep that.

“From me never, but I was afraid that somebody might leak it and the boss could think it came from me, so I was a little under pressure.

“In the same way he knew from me that I was coming back to Chelsea. It’s just things between friends.

“I wasn’t committed to Chelsea at the time, but I wanted to come and Chelsea had expressed the desire for me to come back.” – Mourinho added.