Chelsea FC, contradicted the old saying and proved that they could do it on a cold, wet, rainy night in Stoke. Chelsea FC defeated Stoke City 2-0, courtesy of goals by John Terry and Cesc Fabregas. Terry, popped up in the first 100 second of the match itself, and headed home, like his jubilant self. A second half goal, from Fabergas ensured all three point for Chelsea. However, Chelsea FC’s gaffer Jose Mourinho believes, that this victory against Stoke, means more than just three points.

“It is a victory that means a bit more than three points, not just because it is difficult to win here but also because you need more than just your quality,” said Mourinho in a post-match news conference.

“The players were a team, they were together, they coped well with a difficult style. Our creative players were not afraid and our defensive players were very solid. Only with a great team performance is it possible to be successful against Stoke.

“To win here you must play a very good game and we did because we adapted well to their style of play. When they have the ball, we adapted well. When we have the ball, we tried not to lose our identity.”

Although possession was equally shared between both teams, Chelsea FC had the dominant approach and tamed Stoke City. Chelsea FC moreover gave Stoke, a taste of their own physical medicine.

Chelsea FC’s prolific midfielder, Eden Hazard, was a victim of a Stoke’s physical play, when he was tackled by Bradsley. Mourinho’s animated response to the tackle, which according to him was a clear red, would have circulated the social media by now, but what was surprising was the referee’s decision to Yellow card, the offender.

“From my position and in the flesh, it looks a red card. But if it was a red card it was an isolated action. What I know is that if it was a bad tackle, it was the only one. The game was clean, the game was aggressive but the game was good and the referee kept the game under control and the players were fair.”

“After the tackle, it was a difficult match for the kid [Hazard] but also for Bardsley because the kid is playing fantastic. The action [when Bardsley went down] shows what the kid is because Bardsley is injured and Eden puts the ball out. I wouldn’t do it.”

Mourinho, hailed Terry’s approach to the Stoke game, and applauded him for his resurgence, ever sine Mourinho’s second coming.

 “He is very dangerous in set-pieces. He is a very good player in the air so when he is on the pitch, there is always a threat. More important than the goal is the way he is playing this season.”