Chelsea FC suffered a 2-1 defeat against Newcastle United on Saturday, which marked the end of their unbeaten run of 14 Premier League games. Although Chelsea FC dominated parts of the match, Newcastle United benefited from two swift counter attacks, which were converted into goals by substitute Papiss Cisse. The crunch encounter witnessed a scintillating climax as Steven Taylor of Newcastle was red carded. Minutes after the red card,Didier Drogba pulled a goal back for the visitors, Chelsea FC. Although Chelsea FC dominated and jolted Newcastle United by an array of attacks after attacks, the Toons kept their shape and repelled Chelsea FC’s advances. A joyous Alan Pardew punched into the air as Newcastle United beat Chelsea FC 2-1, marking the end of their unbeaten streak. Jose Moruinho meanwhile, was critical of Newcastle United’s performances and dubbed them as a side ‘unwilling to play football’.

“We were unlucky, that’s all. The best team lost. The team that tried to win lost. That’s football. It’s a lucky day for them, and an unlucky one for us, but that’s how it goes sometimes.” said Mourinho

“We conceded goals the only time they crossed the halfway line. I don’t criticise their approach. You need luck to play that way and win, but they had it and I have no problems with that.”

“We were unlucky and Newcastle had the luck, but I have no complaints towards my players and how they went about the game,”

“It’s one defeat, but it’s the kind of defeat which I can accept a little more, because I have no problem with the way my players played.

“It would have been so very difficult to go through the season unbeaten as so many people had suggested. But even after this defeat, we have to ask the other 19 teams in the Premier League if they’d like to be in our position? I think they would

“We wanted to play more football, but it wasn’t possible due to a few things happening that I thought didn’t belong to top-level football now,” he said.

“The ball comes, then the ball goes and the ball boys run away. The ball disappears, then when the replacement ball comes, the first one comes back as well.

“There should have been more stoppage time, but it’s hard for the referee to keep track of.” he added.

Meanwhile, Newcastle United’s manager Alan Pardew was on top of Cloud nine, and believed that he did the rest of the Premier League, a favor. The Toon’s boss said, “We’ve done the rest of the Premier League a favour by beating Chelsea. We’ve given everyone a gee-up and made it more interesting.”

Although Chelsea FC dropped all three points against Newcastle United, they still remain top of the Premier League table, with thirty six points, three points ahead of second placed Manchester City.