Chelsea FC’s manager Jose Mourinho has come out and said that the club should close it’s youth academy and buy players, if ‘good enough’ kids don’t make it to the first team, ahead of Chelsea FC’s encounter against Sporting Lisbon. The ‘Special One’, is not known to promote young products unlike Arsene Wenger, and is always known to splash money to acquire services. But, Jose Mourinho pulled  a ‘cat out of the hat’ as he announced that 18 year old Ruben Lotus Cheek would feature again Sporting. The news of an 18 year old starting might not be surprising for many as Chelsea FC, have already qualified for the next round of the Champions League.

“If you don’t bring kids through the academy, the best thing is to close the academy,” said Chelsea manager Mourinho. “If the kids are not good enough or the work not good enough and you don’t bring kids up, then close the door and use the money to buy players.

“You need to prove the academy works well and is worth it. It’s only possible if the first-team manager stays for a long time, which in this club, in the last 10 years, was not possible. Now I’m trying to format Ruben and other Rubens in relation to my ideas, to his position.

“Imagine next week if there’s a different first-team manager with different ideas. Some product, almost an added product, becomes an empty product and you start everything again. In this moment, the relation between the first-team and the academy is changing based on this stability that, at this moment, we are having.

“The first time Ruben trained with me was 18 months ago. In the last two or three weeks, he’s been training with me every day. So, in 18 months, I think he remembers every word or feedback he’s had in first-team development. This stability is important. The people in the academy feel they are working for something.

“Which is why tomorrow, when a boy who arrived at Cobham aged eight plays, is not Ruben’s day but ‘academy day’.”

Mourinho then went on like his usual self, added flair to his words and elaborated the rise of Ruben Lotfus Cheek.

“One month ago, he played in Lisbon with the Champions League new generation, so you can imagine the difference between playing against Sporting academy, with 1,000 spectators, and then to play against Sporting in the real Champions League, at Stamford Bridge with 45,000 and all the lights on you.

“To be here since he was eight and to have the chance to play for Chelsea, his first game, is every kid’s dream.

“He was not one of the players that started the season with me. He didn’t have a pre-season with me. But the way he’s training with us, every time he comes, gives me the guarantee that – while not being an end product – he has the quality and the ambition.

Although Chelsea FC have already qualified for the next stage of the Champions League, Chelsea FC would look to put their 2-1 defeat to Newcastle United, back and sink the Portuguese team with a hefty win.