Football players, are often left frustrated when they keep warming benches. Chelsea FC’s current squad is no different and according to Chelsea FC’s manager Jose Mouinho, the fringe player in the current squad are frustrated, due to lack of game time. Mourinho’s Chelsea FC, travel away to Britannia Stadium, to clash swords with Stoke City, in an attempt to regain their three point lead. While, Mourinho has rubbished the policy of squad rotation, his Chelsea FC could see as many as three changes, when they take to the field against Stoke City. Although Moruinho has said that there is no fallout between him and his Chelsea squad, the ‘Special One’ has expressed that a certain Chelsea FC player, asked why he was not playing. What followed next, was a clear Mourinho jibe.

 “I had one who asked, knocking on my door asking why someone else was playing instead of him. I told him the other man was playing better, closed the door, goodbye. It’s the concept of helping the team. Anyone who joins us must know the squad is strong at Chelsea. If you are a goalkeeper here, you can’t come in thinking you are the only good goalkeeper. The same for the strikers.If they ask, I’ll explain” said Mourinho.

“It’s one of the first things I say to a squad at the beginning of the season: I told them I don’t give explanations. I said they could knock on my office door. If they come to me and ask me to explain, no problem. But, in principle, I won’t do it on my initiative. I have to make life easy for me. If I explain to one, I have to give them all explanations [why they are not playing]. In Christmas I’d spend all my time explaining things.” he added.

Mourinho, returned to his flamboyant self and expressed that he has no secret recipe to make Chelsea FC player happy. He further asserted that Chelsea FC players, have to sacrifice personal gain, for the better good.

““If they are not involved I don’t have a secret to keeping them happy. They are unhappy and frustrated, and need to be patient, but the reality is that, to be successful and work at a high level, you don’t need to be happy. All of them are professionals. The team is more important than individuals. Mark Schwarzer hasn’t played a second, but if he has to play tomorrow he would because he’s ready. He’s trained very well. We may have a secret to make them work every day at a high level, but no secret to keep them happy.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea FC would be looking to grab all three point, when they travel away to Stoke City. With Manchester City winning against Crystal Palace, pressure could mount on Chelsea FC and ‘frustration’ among the ranks, could very well lead Mourinho and his men to ‘let-g0’ of the Premier League trophy.