Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho is aiming for an extended stay at Stamford Bridge this time around.

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Jose Mourinho has been a journeyman in his managerial career so far. The Portuguese manager who started his career as an assistant manager at Sporting CP, has had 10 stints at eight different clubs either as an assistant manager or as manager. The 50-year-old’s last stint at Chelsea lasted three and a half season, which is his longest stint at any club as a manager so far. Parallels have been drawn with another former Porto manager, the legendary Bela Guttmann, who interestingly followed a “three year rule” during his career.

Chelsea for their part have been a very unstable club in this respect as well. The London club has had eight different managers at the helm since Mourinho left Stamford Bridge back in September of 2007. But Mourinho believes that both he and the club are looking for stability and the Portuguese manager has expressed his desire to go beyond the three and a half year stint he had at the club last time around.

“I have the record – three and a half years. I have to try and beat the record!

“The club is good – it is more mature and stable now. The club knows what it really wants. The basic thing is the club wants to win, but it also knows the direction it wants to go in.

“That’s why I came back. Not just because I love Chelsea and want to be back, I came because I believe in the project.

“I’m here to do my best and to beat the record. I have a four-year contract, so hopefully I’ll beat the record.” – The Chelsea manager told the press.

Mourinho, whose current contract with the club ends in 2017, has insisted that he is willing to change his managerial style which is required to adapt to a more long term project at the club this time around and once again suggested that he has found his home at London.

“I study and reflect a lot about my style of leadership when I’m at a certain club.

“If you want the best results immediately and for a couple of years, your leadership can be much more confrontational. It’s a different way to educate your players.

“Having a relationship with players for a couple of years is different to educating players with the mentality that I will have them for six, seven or eight years.

“It’s a different job for me at Chelsea this time. It’s time to be different because of my own project of life.

“I have had my career project since the beginning. I wanted to work in Italy, Spain and England. I wanted to try to win the leagues in these big football countries.

“For us it’s very important to be a family that lives together day by day. So I wanted to do it while having this family concept.

“I was so happy at Inter Milan, but the only reason I left was because I wanted to go to Spain. Otherwise I would have stayed at Inter.

“At this stage I don’t have these ambitions. At this moment I know where I want to be, it’s so simple.” – Mourinho added.