Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho has insisted that decision to extend John Terry current contract will be based on performances, not emotions.

Jose Mourinho has insisted that John Terry will be offered an extension based on his performances and not his status at the club. The Chelsea manager has also agreed that one of the foreigners will be allowed to leave in order to adhere to the rules.

With Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole departing from the club this summer, John Terry and Petr Cech are two of the most experienced players left in the squad at the moment. Terry, who has been at the club since joining them as a 15-year-old, has one year left in his current contract, which was extended in May, and there are speculations about whether this will be his last season at Stamford Bridge.

Manager Jose Mourinho has insisted that Terry’s future at the club will depend upon his performances, rather than his legendary status at Chelsea. But the Portuguese manager is confident that Terry can continue in the same vein of form, which saw him form a wonderful partnership at the back with Gary Cahill last season.

“The contract John got was only based on performances, not his status or his captaincy, just performances.

“We think this way is a very good way of dealing with these kinds of players. John knows me and he knows the club. He just has to be worried about performing.

“I don’t remember a better season than the one he just had. That’s the point. Last season he had one minor injury. He played basically every match, and at a very high level.

“When you have a player able to perform during the whole season it’s because you believe that the next season he can do the same.” – The Chelsea manager said.

Mourinho will also have to decide about the place of Petr Cech in the starting line-up with Thibaut Courtois returning to the club after his loan spell at Atletico Madrid.

“It was logical that Courtois had to be back. It would be nonsense to have such a fantastic young goalkeeper and not to have him back. That decision was an easy one.

“If I have to make a decision for Cech to be on the bench, or for Courtois to be on the bench, it’s no problem for me. I will do what I think is the best.” – Mourinho added.

The Portuguese manager also confirmed that the club will have to leave out a foreign player from the Premier League squad as they currently have 18 of them. But he assured that none of the first team regulars will be axed.

“We do need one player to leave because we have 18 foreign players and you can only have 17. We must make that decision between me, the board and the player involved.

“It will be tough because our squad is stable right now.

“However, it will not be one of our first-team regulars. It will be a fringe player and may be a loan deal.” – He said in an interview.