Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho believes Manchester City are still the favourites of the title, while stating Samuel Eto’o has struggled away from home.

Chelsea produced a determined performance in the second half against London rivals Fulham to win the match 1-3 in the end and extended their lead at the top to four points over Liverpool and Arsenal. But their most potent title rivals Manchester City do have to match in hand and most importantly, they do have a superior goal difference as well.

Jose Mourinho and Manuel Pellegrini has been involved in a lot of diplomatic battle in press this season as both have refused to bear the tag of being the favourites and have instead looked to pass on the gauntlet to the other club. The Chelsea manager has once again tried to label Manchester City as the favourites for the title as he insisted that his side might still lose the title even if they manage to win the rest of their League matches.

“I prefer to have the destiny in my hands, and only City have destiny in their hands.

“If I win every game until the end of the season, all 10 – which we won’t – maybe we are not champions.

“If they win all 12 games they have, they are champions. They have their destiny in their hands.” – The Chelsea manager told the press.

Mourinho has also been in the news recently for openly criticizing his strikers, especially Samuel Eto’o in a ‘private’ interview, which was made public. Following that, the former Barcelona striker was left out of the match day squad he selected against Fulham. Mourinho explained this decision by stating that it was a tactical move. The former Real Madrid manager also stressed on the fact that Samuel Eto’o has struggled to score away from home this season, which is why he preferred Fernando Torres and Demba Ba at Craven Cottage.

“There’s nothing wrong with Samuel. I just felt in this kind of match – away from home, against normally defensive teams, aggressive defenders – I thought to go with Fernando and, if I need to risk in the last part of the game, I’d use Demba.

“You see, Eto’o scores goals but at home. He scores in the league, in the Champions League but all of them at home.

“Playing away is more difficult for him. I think he is our best striker to play at home because of his technique, his movement and his understanding with Eden (Hazard) and Oscar.

“For me, he is best to play at home. Away he is showing some difficulties.” – Mourinho added.

This statement is once again unlikely to go down well with Samuel Eto’o and will add more fuel to the speculations regarding his future at the club.