Chelsea FC midfielder Cesc Fabregas has insisted that he still remains an Arsenal FC fan and couldn’t have thought about playing for the Blues five years back.

Cesc Fabregas has revealed that he still has a soft spot for Arsenal, ensured that he will give his best to win against the Gunners when these two sides face each other in the league next month. The Chelsea midfielder also insisted that the opportunity to return to London was something that helped him in making up his mind.

The Spanish international signed for Chelsea earlier this summer in a much talked about move. Fabregas, who made over 300 appearances for Arsenal during his first stint at the Premier League, accepted that he thought long and hard before deciding to join Chelsea. The midfielder, who has made a bright start to his career for the Blues, insisted that the still has an emotional connection with his former club.

“Don’t think I didn’t think about it.

“I will keep the Gunner feeling forever and I know that I will return to Highbury (Emirates Stadium) and it will be a special moment, but I am a committed guy.

“I remind you that I played the Champions League final against Barcelona (with Arsenal) and I swear I would have done anything to win that game – and I have been a Barcelona fan since I was a kid.

“So I know that when I play against Arsenal I will know who is my (current) team, who are my colleagues and who I defend. And I know that the Arsenal fans will understand me, I have no doubt.” – The Chelsea midfielder said.

Fabregas insisted that five years back he wouldn’t have thought about playing for Chelsea or Jose Mourinho and claimed that the opportunity to return to London helped him in making up his mind.

“If you’d told me five years ago that I would play for Chelsea and Mourinho I would not have believed you, but life changes.

“I started to think about leaving Barcelona after the Copa del Rey final. It was when I started to think that it had finished, that there was a change or that I didn’t want to continue.

“I spoke with my agent and asked him to find me a new team, and an offer from Chelsea arrived. For me it was coming back to London, where I grew up. There was no better way out.

“I spoke with Mourinho and he told me the things I needed to hear. I felt valued. I felt I was going to be important in an important project.” – Fabregas added.