Chelsea FC’s manager Jose Mourinho has said that the Blues were right to let veteran and legend Frank Lampard go. Chelsea FC, let Frank Lampard go in the summer transfer window this year and the midfielder joined MLS side New York City, who loaned Lampard back to Manchester City in the Premier League. However, Jose Mourinho believes that Lampard’s move away from Chelsea FC has ultimately profited younger players and their progress could have been stalled if Lampard did not move from Chelsea FC. Asked wether Mourinho regrets the decision of letting Frank Lampard go, he replied ,“It’s his life, nothing to do with us.”

“He left Chelsea as a free agent and chooses his life, we can’t complain about it. That’s football.

Frank Lampard after joining Manchester City have been prolific in what he does best, score goals. The midfielder has drove City’s cart away from danger and scored in the City’s recent encounter with Leicester City, wherein Lampard’s goal proved to be the ultimate deficit. However, Mourinho remains adamant that Lampard’s move away from Chelsea FC was in a way productive.

“”The nucleus of the team has to be developed and to have a big player like Frank we would stop the development of the other guys.”

“My view is that, when you want to look forward, look to the future, and have people like (Cesc) Fabregas and (Nemanja) Matic and Jeremie Boga (a U21 midfielder), which are the next 10 years of the club.

“The project is to prepare for the next 10 years, not for the next year. We made the right decision.

Moruinho then safeguarded Didier Drogba and John Terry, as both these two Chelsea FC legends are also nearing the same age as Lampard. Mourinho understands that Didier Drogba and John Terry, could proved pivotal in Chelsea FC’s youth development, unlike Frank Lampard.

“You can argue ‘You have John Terry and Didier Drogba’. Different.

“Drogba is a striker that is coming to help and support the team. John Terry is the best central defender in English football and it doesn’t matter how old he is.

Chelsea FC although are not ruing Frank Lampard’s presence and are loving life under the midfield partnership of Nemanja Matic and Cesc Fabregas. Both, Matic and Fabregas have proved to be stalwarts for the team and have dominated Premier League defenses.

Chelsea FC currently sit at the top of the Premier League with 39 points, three points ahead of second placed Manchetser City, who boast the red-hot form of Frank Lampard.