Former Liverpool FC defender Jamie Carragher believes that the Reds are in contention for the Premier League title this season, and that manager Brendan Rodgers has been responsible for the improvement.

Carragher believes that Liverpool’s 3-0 away win over Southampton, which moved them to second in the table, has sent out a strong message to their title rivals.

“It’s obvious to see how far away they are from the top now, they’re right in there.

“It’s not just that, it’s the way they’re playing. You looked at that game yesterday and that’s one of the games where you thought Liverpool could drop points.

“It’s a difficult place to go [Southampton]. I think [Manchester] City and Arsenal drew there, but to go there and win so emphatically was a major statement to everyone.

“That would have been one of the games that Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City would have looked at and thought Liverpool could drop points there.”

Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are all due to visit Anfield and the former defender believes this latest success is the perfect statement of intent as Liverpool seek to win their first league title since 1990.

“To get one of the tough games out of the way and come away with three points is a massive confidence boost for the club, the supporters but also sends a message to the rivals.”

Carragher has also praised the ‘bargain buy’ policy that Liverpool and manager Brendan Rodgers has adopted compared to their title rivals who spend vast sums.

“When Rodgers took over, Liverpool were one of the lowest scorers in the top half of the table.

“To compete with those sides that have more financial resources; Chelsea and Manchester City can go out and buy absolutely top class players.

“Liverpool were getting Coutinho from Inter Milan – he wasn’t really getting a game – Sturridge from Chelsea – he wasn’t getting a game at Chelsea.

“The business Brendan Rodgers has done, to then take that on to the pitch and be out scoring these sides who have got four top class strikers, like you see at Manchester City, is testament to the manager and also the players.”

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