Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers has ruled out his side’s title chances this season, but insists his side can have a big say in the outcome of the title race.


Liverpool host league leaders Arsenal in a highly anticipated clash this weekend and the Reds who are currently eight points behind the Gunners have a wonderful opportunity to close the gap at the top with a positive result in this match. But Brendan Rodgers, who watched Chelsea defeat Manchester City at the Etihad in their last game, has ruled out his side’s title hopes this season. The former Swansea manager feels the squad strength of these two sides is something the Reds can’t compete with this season.

“I think for us, as a team, it’s too early for that.

“I was at the Manchester City-Chelsea game the other night and I look at the squads they have, which they have built up over the last few years. and it’s very difficult for us, even though we have competed right the way through the season.

“So, I wouldn’t say for us this year, no. We wouldn’t be challengers for it.” – The Liverpool manager said in an interview.

But Rodgers insists that Liverpool will have say in the title race and who ultimately lifts the trophy this season. Despite his pessimism about his side’s title chances, he was also quick to point out that they are only six points behind Chelsea.

“Will we play a part in it? Yes, we will, because we are professional and we want to fight to finish as high as we possibly can.

“We look it and there are six points between us and (second-placed) Chelsea, so there is still a lot to play for and we will be fighting right until the very end.

“But, if I’m asked to give an honest answer, I’d probably say that this year is too soon for us.” – Rodgers added.