The Liverpool boss reiterated, ahead of his side’s crucial trip to Norwich, that the focus remains on one game at a time.

Liverpool would not think about the other games, but concentrate to get the desired result out of this game. The Reds need the three point as they are now the favorites for the title, as they have now completed their first and most important goal of the season- qualification for the Champions League next season.

“We never look too far ahead – that’s key in order to manage that expectancy,” said Rodgers. “It doesn’t matter about Chelsea, Crystal Palace or Newcastle – we have to do the job against Norwich.

“We focus on our performance level and that takes our mind off a lot of the other external factors and background noise that may come across your way.

“As the manager, it’s the job. You’ve got to manage expectations, it’s part of the leadership role. We’ve never got too carried away. Around the training ground, we’re very much focused on what we’re doing.

“Look at our performance last weekend, everyone was looking at how we would fare against Manchester City – one of the great squads in Europe.

“For the first 45 minutes we were unplayable and that was against a group of top players that have scored a lot of goals this season.

“We showed in the other parts of the game our resilience and focus, and our concentration to win. That’s what we’ve been working on a daily basis.”

Liverpool got a boost in their bid for a title in 24 years after Manchester City drew against Sunderland at home. Rodgers said that the game showed why nothing could be taken for granted in the league.

“Two things came out of last night for me,” Rodgers said. “It showed the level of performance in our game against Sunderland (which Liverpool won 2-1 earlier this month).

“We were very good in the game until the last 15 minutes when Sunderland had a little bit of pressure but we were able to manage the game and get the three points which was important.

“And I think last night was also a warning sign, a warning sign for everyone that at this point of the season with four games to go there is nothing guaranteed and I’ve said that all the way along.

“That was the biggest message I got from last night. Yes one of our rivals might have dropped points but that is irrelevant you have to do your own job and as I said the warning signs were there.

When asked if the draw added more pressure for Liverpool to win the game, and otherwise too, given they would want to win it, to make sure their rivals don’t thrive on the slip up, Rodgers said:

“There’s no added pressure. There’s no less or more pressure than what we had then (at the start of the season).

“We’ll still look to win the game at the weekend and we’re still in touch with reality in terms of where we’re at.

“We’ve made great progress this season and our objective of trying to qualify for the Champions League was always going to be very difficult one because of the competitive nature of the league.

“But we’re still on course for that and if we get a win at the weekend that will rubber-stamp for us.”

The Reds boss knows that the match would be a challenge for his side as a relegation threatened team knows that it has to win matches for survival. He said:

“They know they need to win their game. They’re just above the relegation [zone] and they”ll see their home games as being vital for them.

“They’re looking to change their way they’re playing. They’re looking to open up the field a bit more and have a bit more space to play in.

“They’ll want to show they can win in front of their supporters.”

Rodgers also said that Steven Gerrard’s post match huddle against City epitomized his own statement- Its all about Norwich. He also hailed the club captain and said that ‘Of Course’ he is desperate to win the title.

“I thought it was great because it encapsulated a lot of what the message has been from myself right the way through this season. It was brilliant that Stevie directly after the game was pulling in all the players and reminding them it’s about the next game. It’s about Norwich.”, said the manager

“Everyone knows what I think of Steven and the importance that he has for us. People would’ve looked at that and said, ‘that’s Stevie as the leader, leading his troops’ and what he did there was for the club, for the team. He really is a selfless player. Many people would’ve looked at that and said, ‘Steven Gerrard is desperate to win the title’, of course he is!

“He is a wonderful ambassador for the club and the message he gave is the same one I’ve relayed all season.”