Brendan Rodgers reflected his thoughts on the Liverpool vs Milan match at a press conference.

Liverpool are currently touring the United States of America and are participating in the International Champions Cup. The Reds will take on AC Milan at the Bank of America stadium and a win could seal their place in Monday’s final that they might have to contest against Manchester United.

Brendan Rodgers spoke in the pre match conference and said that he will involve senior members of the team for the important game.

“They’re all big names – they’re not at Liverpool for nothing. You have to be a big personality and a big player to play for Liverpool. It’ll be big names playing. We will be strong, and that will hopefully be the case throughout every game we play this season.”

He added, “The objective is the same for all the players – we need to get them at the fittest possible level for the first game of the season. That’s still the focus. Of course, a game Saturday and potentially Monday means you’re having to look at all of the players and who to use, but that’s something we’re going to have to do throughout the season. Every member of our squad will be vital for us this season. We’ll never have an understrength team. We’re going to be planned. I trust every player to go on and it’ll hopefully gain them match fitness. That’ll be the idea [if we play the two games].”

Regardless of the result of the game, Brendan Rodgers feels his side has benefited from the trip, particularly the new signings who are touring with the squad.

He said, “There were a number of objectives. Firstly, it was the physical development of the team. It’ll be more difficult physically this year because last year we had a clear run, all of the players were in and we had a great pre-season. This year, it’s a little bit more broken [due to the World Cup], so you try to integrate the players back into fitness. In some ways, you have to do it differently because there are games in between. This was a real good chance for us to come away and improve that fitness level and re-introduce some of the tactics we used last season into the team. For the induction of the new players, a pre-season trip is always great for the new players to come in and integrate – and they’ve been fantastic. That’s a great credit not only to them, but also the players that are already here. We have no egos in the team, the spirit within our team is very strong and the new players have been accepted in really, really well. So it’s that, along with the football and looking to regain the competitive edge. The game the other night was very competitive and it demonstrated, even in a pre-season game, the character that is within our team. They don’t let go very easily and that’s something we’ll continue to work very hard on.”

Rodgers spoke about the support the club has received on the tour so far.

“It’s been fantastic,” reflected Rodgers. “We flew in late last night, but we were all looking forward to coming to here because we didn’t know much about where we were going, but we knew this was going to be a well-supported game and that there are a whole number of Liverpool supporters in the area.

“We got the chance to have a look around the city today. It’s a beautiful place, and we’re really looking forward to the game tomorrow. It’s a real spectacular game with two great clubs coming to the stadium.

“We’ve been received very well and we’ve been given everything here since we came to America, and Charlotte is no different.”

Italian reporters asked the Liverpool boss for his thoughts on Milan and  the appointment of club legend Filippo Inzaghi as manager.

“He was a wonderful player and he’s only started out in his [managerial] career,” replied Rodgers. “AC Milan are an iconic club – an incredible football club. It’s going through a transition. They’ve been linked with success for so many years.

“They’re in the period now where they’re going through a new team, new ideas and a new coach. They’re still in preparation phase, so you have to not worry so much about the results they’ve had. I’m sure when they kick off their season, they’ll be strong. They’ve got some wonderful players and I’m sure they’ll do very well this year.”