Borussia Dortmund can’t catch a break, can they?

The German club, that was close to winning the Champions League just two seasons back, and has effectively helped the Bundesliga remove the monopoly of Bayern Munich, finds itself in the relegation zone in the league.

First it was the injuries- vice captain Marco Reus and captain Matts Hummels missed the start of the season alongwith other influential members of the squad like Henrikh Mkhtiariyan. Now that things started looking in place, at least injury wise, the influential Reus has been ruled out till the next year with yet another ankle injury, sustained in Saturday’s frustrating 2-2 draw at Paderborn after the winger was caught by a heavy challenge from Marvin Bakalorz.

“It is very difficult to process the fact that Marco Reus could again be ruled out, more difficult than dealing with the draw,” Klopp said

Dortmund face Arsenal in the Champions League tomorrow. Somehow, their journey in the Champions League has been different as the German club seem to be crusing in the European competition. In fact, with a draw against the Gunners, their entry into the knockout stages will be confirmed irrespective of the final Group D clash later next month.

Arsenal themselves are struggling at the moment. But Klopp said that the larger picture needs to be looked at.

“Now this is real pressure? There are different kinds of pressure. I don’t know what the people think here, what they want (Arsenal) to be,” he said.

“They see Chelsea on the top, Manchester United have some problems, Man City some problems in the Champions League. Maybe people think this is the perfect opportunity for Arsenal to go through, but I don’t know.

“They have many injuries. Mesut Ozil, nobody wants him when he plays, everyone needs him when he does not play. (Jack) Wilshere (is out), so there are problems.”

Klopp added of his own side’s issues: “Maybe (not) in this competition, but in the Bundesliga, we have real pressure.

“But tonight I cannot change the Bundesliga situation, so it is a little bit like a holiday situation for me – it is only the Champions League.

“Tomorrow we have a big target, we want to go through in first position. That (taking foot off the gas) is not my plan.

“In our situation we need each game to get more stability, we have to use the game tomorrow for the Bundesliga. If we can play very good tomorrow, it will help us for the Bundesliga

“We saw the first half against Man United. Everybody knows Arsenal were much better. When I got home, they had lost 2-1. but this is football sometimes.They can be pretty strong if you let them be strong.”

Meanwhile with clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal struggling, the German coach has been linked with various moves to the Premier League. But the 47 year old maintained that he looks to stay with Dortmund for now as he has ‘unfinished business’ with the club.

“I don’t think about my future at this moment,” he said.

“The only (other) language I speak is English a little bit and for my type of coaching, I need the language. The funny part I will learn very fast. But I don’t know, I don’t know when. I don’t plan things like this.

“They (journalists) asked me ‘what do you do after Borussia Dortmund?’ I told them it is possible if somebody called me then, then we could talk about it. But that is all. I did not say ‘I am here on Monday’.

“Sometimes timing is very important in each part of life. This is unfinished business with Dortmund in this moment, for sure.

“It is easy to feel responsible for winning games, it is much more difficult to handle this feeling now. I try to do my best, handle the problems we have, and get better results, so this is real hard work at this moment.”