The Bavarian Giants CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge questions the ‘Solidarity’ among Bundesliga team, as he hits hits out on them for not allowing Bayern players adequate time to recover after their recent World Cup success. 

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has criticised the Bundesliga teams of deliberately starting the season “too soon”, not giving his players much needed recovery time to be fresh for the new season.

This season’s Bundesliga will kick off with the defending champions Bayern Munich taking on Wolfsburg on 22 August, just 14 days after their scheduled tour to US.

7 Bayern players were part of Germany’s World Cup squad in Brazil and Rummenigge was distorted with the fact that despite his continuous pleading to push the season opener from 22 to 29th August, none of the Bundesliga team responded in a positive manner.

“I miss some solidarity by the Bundesliga. At a manager meeting I wanted to let the Bundesliga start on August 29th and not already on the 22nd but it was denied.Three weeks rest is too short, two weeks of preparation is not enough”, he said while speaking to Bild.

“It’s the only chance to get Bayern in trouble,’ they said. I miss the solidarity towards those clubs who had a lot of players at the World Cup. I mean, from Dortmund there were eight or nine in Brazil too.”

After the departure of Toni Kroos and Mario Mandzukic, many believed that Pep Guardiola may buy in some new players this season but Rummenigge denied any extravagant spending this season by stating, “I’m not sure if we will buy someone, It would be nice if we can end up with a plus of €42 million [£33.2m] but our salary for the players is expensive too. Quality costs money. Pep Guardiola is happy with the team right now. We need to be careful that the competition between the players is not getting too bad.”

“If we want to be on top we need a new push upwards with the next TV deal,” said the 1982 and 1986 World Cup finalist.

“I have always said we need Italian conditions. They earn €1 billion!” he said while signing off, clearly indicating the fact that Bayern will look to form a new deal regarding broadcasting rights to compete with other top European leagues.

The Bavarian giants will fly down to US, where they will plat two friendly games, 1st against Club Deportivo Guadalajara at the Red Bull Arena and they will wrap up the tour with a friendly against MLS-All Stars on August 6 in Portland, which will give them only 2 weeks time to get ready for their season opener.